As a sales rep, especially an outside sales rep, being as effective and efficient as possible is a key winning strategy. One way to do that is by utilizing powerful mobile sales apps and the number of benefits they offer. All of them can provide you the ability to cut down on wasted time and spend more time selling.

But with so much technology available these days, what are the best apps for sales reps? Especially a mobile sales app. Well, we’ve done the legwork for you and put together this comprehensive list (plus pricing.) Let’s dive into some of the top outside sales apps available today, all organized by budget (starting with the most affordable, and yes, some of these great apps are free!):

1. Keynote

Cost: Free

Just because you are working in the field doesn’t mean you can’t share visually dynamic and professional presentations on the go to your customers. Keynote, an iOS-based platform, is a robust sales presentation app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Create, edit, and interact with creative pitch decks and presentations in real-time. You can access your presentation across all of your iOS devices and share them with customers and other members of your team as well. Plus, it’s free!

2. Google Maps

Cost: Free

You may already be familiar with this app, but Google Maps, another free tool, is a classic for navigation and avoiding heavy traffic. It does not offer extensive route planning capabilities that other apps offer, but it is still a great go-to when trying to navigate to where you need to be and avoiding traffic along the way. You also can easily find necessities along the way, like gas stations, restaurants, etc.

3. Hubspot CRM (Including Mobile App)

Cost: Free, Additional Add-On Products/Capabilities Available

One essential tool when it comes to being successful in sales is an effective CRM. To be effective, you have to be able to easily manage your customer information and activities. The Hubspot CRM lets you do just that, even on the go in their mobile app. You don’t have to wait till you get back to the office to add notes or customer information. You’ll have an easy-to-understand dashboard that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your sales and customer data.

The free version does offer a generous amount of features. But you can also unlock a wide range of additional capabilities through Hubspot’s paid packages and add-ons.

4. Everlance

Cost: Basic = Free, Premium = $5/month

When you are constantly out on the road as an outside sales rep, one of the best sales apps you can utilize is a mileage and expense tracking tool. Then you can be sure you won’t lose track of valuable information needed for reimbursements and tax deductions. Everlance is a robust tool that makes tracking these things simple. This mileage tracking app automatically logs your travel distances and times with built-in capabilities for expense tracking and reporting. The Everlance app utilizes an intelligent driving technology that detects the moment your vehicle is in motion.

The Basic version offers 30 trips tracked automatically per month, while the Premium version offers unlimited trips tracked.

5. Expensify

Cost: Individual/Limited = Free, Track = $5/month, Submit = $5/month

For expanded expense tracking capabilities, the Expensify app is a great option. This tool automates every step of the expense tracking process. Just take a picture of your receipt and Expensify will handle the logging, tracking, and reporting. Reimbursement is made easy by instantly converting your expense report into a customized invoice.  You can also link your credit or debit card to your Expensify app and automatically include specified charges in your expense report.

The Limited version offers five receipt scans per month. When you get into the Track and Submit levels you open up unlimited scans and more.

6. Feedly

Cost: Basic = Free, Pro = $6/month

Being armed with the latest industry news can not only put you one step ahead of your competitor but can also allow you to provide more customized solutions to your customers. But, having to jump around from one news source to another can be time-consuming, distracting, and tricky when out in the field. The Feedly app solves that problem. With Feedly, you can quickly browse all of your favorite blogs and sources in one place, by keyword, and stay on top of the latest buzz in your industry.

The Basic version allows you to follow 100 sources, while the Pro version allows 1,000 sources and also provides extended capabilities.

7. Slack

Cost: Workspace = Free, Standard = $6.67/month

As a part of an outside sales team, it is important to be able to easily keep in touch with your teammates and sales leadership. Slack is a leading messaging and collaboration tool that keeps teams connected, even on the go. You can also utilize the app to reach customers through real-time communication. Slack also has capabilities to integrate with your CRM to help manage your sales deals, as well as creating custom channels for different topics.

The free Workspace version of Slack for 10K messages and 10 apps and integrations, while the Standard version offers unlimited messages and integrations as well as group video calls.

8. Evernote

Cost: Basic = Free, Premium = $7.99/month

Evernote is one of the leading note-taking and organization apps that is widely used by sales reps. Turn quick handwritten notes and audio recordings into digital versions all housed in one place so you won’t lose them. Within Evernote, you can also store images and PDFs, create to-do lists (even with voice-to-recording), and tag your notes for quick reference. The app also tags notes by geo-location.

The Basic version offers a robust array of features. The Premium version unlocks extended sharing and app integration capabilities.

9. Trello

Cost: Basic = Free, Business Class = $9.99/month

The best outside sales reps have mastered how to work as productively and efficiently as possible. Good organization is a huge factor in that. Trello takes productivity and organization to the next level. This mobile-friendly list-making app will help you keep tracking of everything in one central location, track your progress on tasks, and help you manage your projects. Ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Create customized visual “boards” that can easily be shared with colleagues as needed. It even includes an AI-powered “butler” that can help automate certain workflows.

The Basic version allows for the creation of an unlimited number of boards and one “Power Up” (app integration). While the Business Class level offers expanded usage and sharing capabilities among teams, unlimited Power Ups, and more.

10. DocuSign

Cost: Free Trial, Personal = $9.99/month, Standard = $25/month

When it’s time to close a deal, the last thing you want is to have to make your customer wait on you to get back to the office to send over the contract. With DocuSign’s mobile app, your customers can electronically sign contracts and documents anywhere, from any device. The easy-to-use interface integrates with other applications, including your CRM, and makes closing deals seamless.

DocuSign does offer a free trial. Then, the Personal plan allows you to send 5 documents per month for eSignature, while the Standard plan allows for unlimited.

11. Dropbox

Cost: Basic = Free, Plus = $9.99/month

Dropbox is the mobile-friendly solution when you are looking for an organized, centralized place to store and share files within your sales team. This file hosting app allows you to collaborate with your colleagues in real-time and access information on any device. Plus, if you have a large file you want to send or receive from a mobile device, Dropbox makes this easy.

With the Basic version, you’ll have 2 GB of storage. While the Plus version provides 2 TB (2,048 GB) of storage and expanded support capabilities.

12. Salesforce CRM (Sales Cloud)

Cost: Free Trial, Essentials = $25/month, Professional = $75/month

As we mentioned above, a sales CRM is an essential tool if you want to be successful. Salesforce is one of those options when it comes to lead management, even from mobile devices. This widely-known, cloud-based CRM provides an easy-to-manage visual dashboard allowing you to stay on top of your customer and sales data. You can also utilize advanced automation for time-consuming tasks. Salesforce provides transparency and increased productivity for sales teams.

Salesforce does offer a free trial. Then, the Essentials plan includes all the basic features you need for customer management. While the Professional plan adds forecasting and lead scoring features.

13. Hunter

Cost: Basic = Free,  Starter = $49/month

In sales, it is important to always ensure you have new prospects coming into your pipeline to continue to grow business. That is why effective prospecting strategies are critical. One app that helps makes prospecting easier and more efficient is Hunter. This email verification tool, with over 50,000 domains on record and growing, helps you find the email addresses of new prospects quicker than ever before.

The Basic level of this app offers 50 email requests/searches per month. The Starter level offers 1,000 email requests per month and also unlocks premium features and priority support.

14. Map My Customers

Cost: Free Trial, Small Team = $50/month (1-3 users), Medium Team = $70/month (4-30 users)

To improve productivity, efficiency, and save your budget, utilize a tool that combines the power of several different kinds of apps into one. This is exactly what Map My Customer does. Combining a mobile sales CRM built for outside sales reps with territory management, smart route optimization, activity automation (like auto check-ins), prospecting, deal tracking, cadence management, and more into one platform. All in an easy-to-use, visual dashboard that you can customize to fit your needs. For use both in the office and on the go as a mobile sales app. It also features advanced filtering capabilities based on any field you want, allowing you to pick up on trends and capitalize on new opportunities. You’ll be able to get more done, spend an average of 30% less windshield time, and spend more time actually closing deals.

Map My Customers does offer a free trial. Then, the Small Team version offers all of the standard features and spreadsheet import. The Medium Team version allows for an expanded number of customer records plus enterprise integration into many of the top CRMs.

15. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Cost: Free Trial, Professional = $65/month, Team = $103.33/month

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to always have new prospects coming into your pipeline to continue closing deals and helping your company grow. Outside sales is all about building relationships with the right people. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you do that more easily and more efficiently directly in LinkedIn, the most robust online professional network. Reach the right kind of customers by using the built-in search and filter features. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also provides actionable insights and information, ensuring you have a deeper understanding of your leads and can continue to fill your pipeline.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator does offer a free trial. The Professional edition provides a great number of features, allowing you to build relationships and drive in more qualified prospects. The Team edition opens up expanded messaging and networking capabilities, as well as collaboration and sharing features and direct CRM integration.

16. Salesforce Maps

Cost: Basic = Free Trial,  $75/month, Advanced = $125/month

The ease-of-use of Salesforce’s CRM carries over into its location-based intelligence app, Salesforce Maps. This mobile-friendly tool helps optimize the sales processes of outside sales reps. You’ll be able to spend more time selling and less time planning, driving, and tracking field activities. With direct integration with the Salesforce CRM, you can visually see all of your Salesforce data on a map. You can also utilize location-based lead generation, route planning, and real-time traffic updates.

Salesforce Maps does offer a free trial. The Basic edition allows you to visualize your Salesforce data on interactive maps and utilize route optimization and scheduling. The Advanced edition opens up advance route planning as well as geo-analytics to track data trends.

Use Sales Apps To Boost Your Efficiency & Performance

Source: In Cloud Solutions

If you are looking to level up your sales efficiency, productivity, and performance, the current digital age makes it easier than ever to make that happen. We’ve covered just some of the best apps for sales reps available to utilize both in the field and the office. And you don’t necessarily need a large budget to work with to have some of the top sales apps in your arsenal. Many of them have several levels of pricing plans to provide budget flexibility.

It is important to keep in mind that you should only utilize the apps that you really need. It is even better if they serve multiple useful purposes so consolidate where you can. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many apps and end up wasting even more time.

By finding the right stack of sales apps for your needs and budget, you can accomplish more in less time and, more importantly, close more deals.