Your Quick Guide to Using Teams

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Teams can come across as a little confusing when they are first being set up, so below is your quick-start guide to using this feature.

**Note: These directions work for both the website and iOS versions of the platform.

1) If you have just purchased teams functionality within Map My Customers then congratulations, you are now a 'Team Owner'. As the Team Owner you are able to manage and edit your team of sales people on the site, track members locations (if approved by each individual), as well as view updates anytime a member edits, checks-in, or adds a pin. In addition, as team owner you will also see all pins added by members of your team.

2) Navigate to the 'My Team' tab; here you should see an '+add' button. By clicking this you are presented with a pop-up box that will let you invite team members. You can choose to allow a new member to be a manager – this will allow the user to set access rights for others on the team (for more on access rights, read below). Note: Team members you want to invite do not have to have a Map My Customers account first, but they do need to sign up with the email address you invited them with.

add button

3) Once an invited team member has accepted, their status should update to 'verified'. Your team has now expanded, and you can share pins with this team member. This team member also receives a full, unlimited package upgrade including all colors, unlimited pins & groups, routing, and more.

verified member

4) To share pins with a team member, click the 'Share Pins' button. The pop up window will then let you decide exactly which pin groups you want your team members to be able to see.

share pins

5) You can enable or disable a team member's rights to share, edit, export, and delete pins you've shared with them by clicking on the green 'access rights' button next to sharing. Team members can change any of the groups that a pin is in, but the pin must be in at least one group that the pin was originally shared on. For example, if I (as a team owner) shared only one group of pins with my teammate Joe, Joe can edit this pin to be in whichever groups he wants, but the pin must be in the one group I originally shared the pin on. If he edits the pin to not be in the group I originally shared the pin on, the system will automatically take care of this by adding the original group back onto the pin and displaying a warning message:

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