Your Quick Guide to Using Groups

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Groups is one of the more powerful features in Map My Customers, meaning for a number of users it has been a little confusing to get groups up and running. Here is a quick how-to post to help you get started with using the groups feature.

1) Click on the 'Feed' tab, and then click on the 'Add Groups' button to add a new group to the list. Just name it whatever you want in the window that appears on screen. Note: this group is empty once created.

2) To add customers to a group, go back to the 'map' tab, and click on add customers.

3a) To add a single customer to a group, click 'individual customer' on the window that appears. Scroll down the pane on the left side of the screen and exists a box named 'groups'. The group you just created should be there. Click on it and continue adding your customer details.

Single Person Groups

3b) To add multiple customers to a group, click 'import customers' on the window that appears. Here you will need to use a spreadsheet for the import. Take a look at the template spreadsheet found in the side panel under instruction 1. This spreadsheet is correctly formatted for use with Map My Customers. As you can see, a pin can be added to a group by typing that group name under the 'Group' column. If you want to add the pin to multiple groups separate each group with a semi-colon [;] and a space.

Single Person Groups

4) Once you have imported your pins into groups, you can manipulate which groups are shown by going back to the groups page on the 'Feed' tab.

5a) By marking groups as 'shown' pins from that group will display on the map.

5b) By marking groups as 'required' then the map will only show the pins that are present in all of the groups currently marked as 'required'. For example if the groups 'Cat Grooming' 'Dog Grooming' and 'Hamster Grooming' are marked as required, but a customer is in the groups 'Cat Grooming' and 'Hamster Grooming' they will not be seen on the map.

6) Finally pin groups can be modified or altered in the 'Edit Customer List' section of the 'Map' tab.

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