Your Quick Guide to Making Territories

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One of the biggest additions to Map My Customers recently is the ability to create territories for your customers (available for use today on the website). Territories are great if you need to mark out one of your reps' sales areas, share just those pins with him or her, or if you just need to automatically group pins. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know to get up and running with our territories system.

A few things to know about territories up-front:

  • Each territory you create automatically populates with pins inside that polygon.

  • If you import new customers via the site, any new pins that fall inside of the bounds of your territories will automatically populate into their respective territories.

  • Each territory is backed by a group with the same name, which means that you can share territories with team members.

Creating a new territory

To create a new territory, just visit the territory page from the 'Pages' tab in the navbar (it will appear in the dropdown). Once on this page, click on the little white button that reads + Add Territory. Next, a modal will appear allowing you to name your territory as shown below:

Editing a territory

After your territory is saved, a group with the same name is also created, allowing you to hide/show/share all of the pins from inside this territory. Next, a toolbar will appear at the top of the Google Map and you can begin clicking on the map to 'draw' out your territory as seen below:

After you are done placing markers on the map, just hit the blue save button in the toolbar and the page will refresh with your new territory showing up as a bright blue polygon with any and all pins that fall inside of it already there on the map.

To edit a territory, just click the 'edit path' button. The territory you chose will highlight in red and the toolbar will show up again at the top of the map:

Hit the Clear Territory button and then begin placing your new markers on the map. Hit the save button when done, and you are all set. Any pins that fall inside your new territory will automagically populate just as before.

And... that's it! If you have any questions about how to use territories, or what they are capable of don't hesitate to email us at support(at)

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