Why You Should Give Your Sales Team a Strategy

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The sales team are the backbone of your company. They are on the front lines negotiating deals for your products. They are hearing customer complaints and suggestions. They are out making sure that customers get the best product they deserve. With all of that said, it isn’t easy for a sales team member to go in blind. Your sales team needs a game plan. Below the team at Map My Customers have compiled some suggestions for how and why you should provide your sales team with a strategy before they contact a customer.

Know your product’s target demographic

This is quite easy to obtain for any size company regardless of what stage you are in. This should have been a step before your company was even started. Your demographic may change however from your original intentions. When your salesman have the right demographic, they are not wasting time and money reaching out to customers whom are more than likely to reject the product.

Understand your sales approach

The first few minutes or first contact with a customer is the most important moments in the sales process. Sit back and think that if you were a customer and you were approached that way, would you be interested to know more? Understand your customer’s pain points and how you can assist them. Your sales approach will make or break your sales potential. If you see that your sales are down then you should adjust your approach to better serve your customers.

Communicate with your salesman

Stay up to date with the feedback your sales team receives from their customers so you can better tailor your strategy to fit their needs. Also, receive feedback from the members themselves. Allow them to communicate what they may see as uncomfortable for them or what they may see as unproductive in the sales process.

You won’t know where you went wrong

If you don’t have a sales strategy, you won’t know what makes some people successful and what makes some people unsuccessful. If all sales team members are on the same page then there should not be any discrepancies when it comes to making sales. You will have proven the approaches by this point and know whether or not they are successful. Obviously different approaches will work for different people but you won’t know what approach works for whoever unless you have it consistent across all members.

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