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Email marketing has been considered an important part of any company’s sales and marketing plan since the early 1990s—when the Internet was introduced. Flash forward to 2016 and email marketing has not lost its prominent position. Rather, the rise of SEO, social media, and digital advertising have helped develop email marketing into what is known today as email automation.

What Is Email Automation? Simply put, email automation is the process of scheduling emails to be sent out to multiple customers at a time. However, email automation is not merely a task. It is an art. There are multiple variables to consider like:

  • When should I schedule my email?
  • What can I do to make my email more appealing?
  • How else can I use email automation to my advantage?

Luckily, I’m here to provide answers to those questions.

Schedule Emails For 10 AM On Weekdays

Independent studies show that B2B emails are more likely to be opened and read if you plan them for 10 am on weekdays. Meanwhile, B2C emails perform slightly better on weekends. If you’re interested in the details behind this science, check out this great MailChimp blog post on it.

Grab Their Attention With The Subject Line And Focus On Simplicity

Remember clicking on those emails with subject lines that said: “LABOR DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL ONLY”? Me too. We’ve all been there. The general concept is to make the email subject line one that your users will want to click on. The subject line has to be short, sweet and to the point. Make sure that the content of the email is as simple (and hopefully as exciting) as the subject line. Hubspot wrote a very insightful blog post on best tips and tricks for creating catchy email subject lines. I’d recommend trying out a few subject lines and seeing which work best.

Know Who Has Opened Your Emails And When He Or She Opened It

Email automation reports will show you each customer who has opened and replied to your emails. Leverage this data to try out different types of emails and subject lines to increase your open rates. Knowing whether or not a customer has opened your email is also useful because it can help you tailor your next conversation with this individual.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge, go use email automation to boost your sales!

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