Update: API, Group Editing and June Free

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To kick off the summer we're holding our first big sale of the year: Through June 10th only, upgrade online and get the next 30 days 100% free.

Our marquee feature this week is our brand new API, allowing you to quickly plug your static data, homemade CRM, or legacy system directly into ours with little to no effort. Our simple and easy docs will help your IT team or developers build a solution with us in just a couple of hours.

1) Lasso Tool (Web & Android): Easily lasso a group of pins together to quickly sort them into multiple groups at once. Just login to the site and visit the groups page. Click on the pencil icon to start. Drop pins around the area you want to lasso and then click "Save Into Groups" which will allow you to select the group you want the pins added to.
2) Editing Groups & Territory Names (Web, Android, iOS): Edit the names of your groups and territories in one tap by visiting the groups and territories page on your device.
3) Territory Color & Opacity Settings: Now you can easily set colors and opacity on your new and existing territories via the website. Also added are options to show the pins outside your territories and toggle the actual territory polygons. Try it out today!
4) Edit location by drag-and-drop (iOS): Tap on a pin and go to the contact's account details page. Once on the page, scroll down to the mini-map on your iPhone or iPad, you can now edit the location of a pin by simply dragging and dropping it on the mini-map and then hitting save.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

The Map My Customers Team

Check out our new open API to have your IT team or developers integrate us into your own system in just hours.

Check us out today at mapmycustomers.me