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The Sales Bible by Jeffery Gitomer: Not only have I read this book, but I have also read it at least four times. This book is truly the Bible of Selling. Much like the Bible is a guidebook for Christians that they reference when in need of inspiration; The Sales Bible is also a great point of reference when you need a bit of inspiration for your day in Sales.

The Power to Get In by Michael Boylan: This one is an old one. It talks about sending Faxes!! Do companies even still have fax machines? But the principle of using social leverage is not only still relevant but treasured in the sales world today.

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless by Jeffery Gitomer: I am clearly a Jeffery Gitomer fan. Two of my top five are by him. This book is not only perfect for Sales Reps but anyone who has customers. From Service professionals to the people in accounting who have to collect the bills. The best line in the book asks if you would rather have a satisfied spouse or a loyal spouse. Most people pick loyal, and we should have the same approach to our customers.

The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge: If you a head of sales for an organization, especially a start-up, this book is a must read. Mark goes through what he did to scale Hubspot’s sales team. It has a great step by step guide to helping you produce predictable, scalable growth!

Insight Selling by Michael Harris: I have had the pleasure of meeting Michael, and he is a great presenter and an incredible author. His book is short, you could easily read it in a day, but is packed full of insight (see what I did there!). Michael discusses how selling with Insight allows you to challenge the customer’s thinking without challenging the customer. Because insight scenarios are about someone else, the customer does not feel under attack.

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