The Secret To Becoming A Sales Rockstar

Sales Professionals are busy and many times are pulled in different directions by prospects and customers. Sometimes they are literally pulled in different directions. Someone needs you on the East side of town and someone else is calling wanting you on west side of town.

What sets the best sales professionals apart from the mediocre? Time management. The best sales professionals know how to manage every minute of their day. Top Sales reps have a game plan for their entire day. I do not mean they know what five or six appointments they have but also what are they doing between those appointments. For example. I have a meeting at 9am with a prospect. I am going to get there a little early and call on a few potential prospects as well. After the meeting I will be driving for 15 minutes and during that drive time, I am going to call 5 prospects whose meetings I had last week. After my 11am meeting I am going to cold call while on the way to my next meeting, etc. I consider optimized time management as an opportunity to maximize sales (learn how lack of time management is killing your sales). Watching a great sales rep is like watching poetry in motion.

Master Sales

Technology has been helpful in managing one’s time. Between To-do apps, Calendar Apps and CRM apps a sales rep almost has all the tools at his disposal. Have you looked at an app to help you route your day and optimize your driving? Take a look around our website for more information about the product and how a territory optimization app can help you become the best sales rep in your company.