The Challenges Of Being A Salesman

Hung-up phone calls. Expletives being shouted at you (about you) in your ear. People doubting your true intentions when you’re talking to them (face it, you probably have that tone of voice that, although likely well-intentioned, does not come off great). These are just 3 of the various reactions prospects & existing customers have when they talk to a salesperson. Why? You’re selling a product you truly believe in and believe that it would help them, right? Is it your fault that some sleazy salesman snaked this person out of their money not too long ago? No, but as a salesman, you assume all of these negative connotations and perceptions. How do you overcome this? Check out these 2 simple steps to breaking down that barrier-to-entry and winning a customer or prospect’s trust.

Sales Passion: Sell A Product You Truly Believe In

This is not to say that product has to be one you could not live without or one you use every day. That would be an excessive requirement. However, at the very least you need to believe that the product you are selling is truly the best in the market. Once you get to this point, you need to be able to directly articulate why you believe this to your prospect or customer. Why does selling a product you truly believe in matter? You can “fake it till you make it”, right? That is not the case. Faking it is one of the reasons salesmen have negative connotations today. People can sniff out a phony.

Alternatively, using passion as a driver in your conversation with customers can boost your sales results in great magnitude. After all, we’re humans and we associate passion with honesty, which helps in gaining trust from others. Trust is what drives a healthy customer relationship. No matter how great a salesperson you are (or how great you are at “faking it till you make it”), passion is clearly reflected by tone of voice and body signals. When you’re meeting or speaking with a customer these two variables are two of the few factors they take into consideration when making a purchasing decision. Who would you believe more, Steve Jobs trying to sell you an iPhone or Steve Jobs trying to sell you a car? Steve Jobs was clearly passionate about technology and how it could revolutionize communication. Can’t say that he would have had the same passion for a brand new car.

Struggling in believing in what you sell? This article on believing in what you sell by the Sales Hunter can help.

Sales Expertise: Become An Expert On Your Customer & Maintain Confidence

How do you maintain confidence? By being knowledgeable about your product, your customer and your customer’s industry. Any prospect or new customer needs to perceive you as an expert in all three of these categories in order to have a healthy and trustworthy relationship. This is very different than being a cocky know-it-all—nobody likes those. No, this requires patience and listening. You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion. You may think that you may know everything you need to know about your customers before you talk to them (particularly if you do a good job segmenting them prior). Some of you may be right with this assumption. However, chances are that by talking to them you will gain new insights that will help you sell better to them. At the very least, they need to believe that they’ve provided you with enough information for you to be an expert in their eyes. Make them feel heard.

To take it a step further, equipping yourself with the proper sales tools will impress your customers and increase your credibility. This means having the proper software tools like a CRM (customer relationship management tool), an invoicing app, routing software, team communication apps, news apps, and more. This reflects greatly on you and your company. It states that your company is staying up-to-date in the latest technological trends in order to enable you to be well informed and equipped. It reflects on you as a credible and reliable sales individual that can be relied upon for any questions.

This is why at Map My Customers, we vet each team member to understand where their true passions lay and enable them with the knowledge and skillset to be able to sell our product to anybody in the sales industry. No matter if our team members are taking a support call, doing sales calls or just chatting with a friend, there is always an opportunity to explain how our product helps save people time & money on a daily basis by working more efficiently.

How do you overcome the challenges of being a salesman? Please, reach out and let us know!