Map My Customers Update: API, Group Editing and June Free


Map My Customers Update: API, Group Editing and June Free


To kick off the summer we’re holding our first big sale of the year: Through June 10th only, upgrade online and get the next 30 days 100% free.

Our marquee feature this week is our brand new API, allowing you to quickly plug your static data, homemade CRM, or legacy system directly into ours with little to no effort. Our simple and easy docs will help your IT team or developers build a solution with us in just a couple of hours.

Lasso And Edit Pins By Geography

Web & Android

Easily lasso a group of pins together to quickly sort them into multiple groups at once.

What’s Needed in Sales Mapping Software

What’s needed in Sales Mapping Software

Originally posted on August 19th, 2015

Since the discontinuation of Microsoft’s MapPoint & Sales and Trips software, a handful of apps and sites have come to the forefront in sales territory visualization. With most of the competition costing nearly $35/user/month at a minimum, there needs to be a good alternative – i.e., a good competitor with a reasonable cost and direct value.

Map My Customers is the solution to this dilemma. The website and our app are simple and fast. We offer a wide range of features to help you increase leads, sales, and efficiency – all for less than the cost of a tank of gas (really, our app pays for itself within the first month).