#1 Streets & Trips Alternative: Map My Customers

#1 Streets & Trips Alternative: Map My Customers

Top Streets & Trips Replacement

There are many people out there looking for a Microsoft Streets & Trips alternative on a daily basis. Why is that? Well, Microsoft Streets & Trips was known as the preferred customer mapping & routing tool for sales professionals (before Microsoft discontinued Streets & Trips back in 2014). Why did salespeople like Streets & Trips so much?

  • It allowed them to stay organized and prepare for their day ahead of time.
  • It allowed them to create optimized routes guaranteed to save them time on the road and money on gas.
  • It allowed them to change the route & view customers notes on the go from their computer

At Map My Customers, we’ve found that many of our users were once Streets & Trips fanatics and found us because they were looking for an alternative solution.