The SMART Guide To Sales Goals

Smart Sales Goals

Goals are something that we all set for ourselves and have for our whole lives, but do we always know how to set goals? We often set goals, but don’t always follow through. Heck, I can’t count the number of New Year’s resolutions I have set and failed at. In business though, it is imperative to set goals. Setting specific and challenging goals takes an average account representative to the head of the sales department. Unfortunately, we often rush into setting goals and our goals somehow always find themselves out of our reach. This is where SMART goals come into play.

New Year, New Age of Sales, New Sales Goals

With 2016 in the books, it’s time for salespeople to look forward and begin planning for 2017! Whether 2016 was your year or not, it’s still very important to reflect on it and use it to improve in 2017. It doesn’t matter if you read this in early 2017 or in November of 2017, remember that it’s never too late to set goals. These goals will help you improve and you should constantly be looking for opportunities to grow as a sales person.

Set Your Sales Goals

The most important step you can take as a salesperson in order to have a successful 2017 is to set the tone.

Key Sales Takeaways From Salesforce’s State Of Sales Report

Key Sales Takeaways From Salesforce’s State Of Sales Report

If you want to know what’s trending in the sales industry, then look no further than Salesforce’s State of Sales report. This report is released annually and identifies the challenges salespeople face as well as any trends and an overview on the sales future. We look forward to this report every year because it gives us the opportunity to better understand the challenges and opportunities sales organizations face. This blog post will highlight and summarize the main takeaways from this report. Get your free copy by downloading it from their website.

Can You Walk The Walk Of Sales Metrics?

Can You Walk The Walk Of Sales Metrics?

Watch Your Metrics

Hone In On The Right Sales Indicators

A lot of sales leaders like to talk the sales metrics talk. But, do they know how to walk the metrics walk?

It is easy for a sales leader to claim that they track their sales team’s metrics. But, are you tracking the right numbers? Are your sales reps aligned to those numbers?

Many organizations look at Wins, Win Rate, Revenue, etc. These are lagging indicators, meaning it is typically too late to make a change once these numbers become measurable. For example, let’s say your sales process is six months.

Key Sales Takeaways From State Of Inbound 2016

Sales Insights From HubSpot’s State Of Inbound Report

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top issues sales people currently face, reported average conversion rates and their 2017 priorities (according to HubSpot’s recently released State of Inbound 2016 report). HubSpot gathered data from over 4,500 respondents for this report. Although HubSpot is a marketing company, this report includes insightful data about the general sales industry. Keep in mind that many of these numbers and charts are based on a combination of data from both inbound and outbound salesforces.

Note: All charts and graphs are from HubSpot’s report and not owned or created by Map My Customers

Challenges Reps Face In The Sales Process

Sales Rep Challenges

20% admitted that identifying a new lead is a significant problem of the sales process.

The Secret To Becoming A Sales Rockstar

The Secret To Becoming A Sales Rockstar

Sales Professionals are busy and many times are pulled in different directions by prospects and customers. Sometimes they are literally pulled in different directions. Someone needs you on the East side of town and someone else is calling wanting you on west side of town.

What sets the best sales professionals apart from the mediocre? Time management. The best sales professionals know how to manage every minute of their day. Top Sales reps have a game plan for their entire day. I do not mean they know what five or six appointments they have but also what are they doing between those appointments.