Sales Automation for Field Teams [Video]

The third video in our series focuses on sales automation and how to drive field productivity with Map My Customers.

The close of Q2 is an opportune time to review existing processes and determine where time is being lost. Sales automation tools like Map My Customers enable reps to be productive, stay engaged, and avoid the frustrations that can come from being in the field.

With Map My Customers reps can:

  • Visit more customers & spend less time in the car
  • Automatically check-in to appointments, take notes, scan business cards and track field activities from a mobile device or tablet.
  • Create and send automated email campaigns to streamline customer & prospect communications
  • Supercharge prospecting by providing a steady stream of inbound leads

If you are looking to enhance team productivity in Q3 and Q4 – sign up for a 14 day free trial of our team edition today.

Challenges of Sales Leadership at a Startup

At any startup, there will be many challenges. In this blog post, I will share some of the challenges I faced early on at Map My Customers and how I overcame them.

Learning to Wear Many Hats

When I first started at Map My Customers, Matt, our CEO, and I were doing most of the sales calls. Not only were we participating in calls, but we were also taking on multiple, distinct roles in the company. I tended to work in support, marketing and other areas of the business alongside the sales function. The process of wearing multiple hats in a startup is the norm; however, it can be a challenge for sales leaders accustomed to solely focusing on closing deals.

By juggling many tasks at the same time, I was able to apply what I learned from other areas of the business into my sales role. I could tell which marketing leads were converting into paying customers. I knew how to make the software better by fielding support calls and listening to the challenges users were having. By seeing other aspects of the business, I gained invaluable insight that has enabled me to sell more effectively long term.

Be Selective in Hiring

It is essential to be selective and handpick quality employees. Without the right sales people, the product that has taken so long to build can go to waste. Being engaging and accountable are essential qualities to look for in potential hires. When hiring, it is crucial to look for people with characteristics that will enable them to be successful at the company.  For startups, that often means being quick learners, self-starters, and having the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

This sounds easy but you are often battling an internal desire to simply “fill” the seats and get to the business of selling.  The team dynamic can make or break a startup and it is key that you take it slow and steady.  I embraced the mantra: quality over quantity

Spending Time Mentoring and Training 

At startups, sales leaders need to educate new hires on the product and teaching them effective ways to sell it. This requires a lot of time and effort, but the results are worth it. At larger companies, there is usually a training team or process in place to onboard new hires.  This internal infrastructure is often lacking at startups and the responsibility usually falls upon the sales leader. Spending time and adequately training these initial hires can pay rewards as you expand your team (as the first reps can train the new hires as you grow).

Overall, developing a strong sales team is vital for the growth of a startup. Overcoming the initial challenges and embracing the unknown will help you be more effective and ultimately accelerate revenue growth.


What challenges have you seen?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

New Video Series Demonstrates the Power of Map My Customers

Map My Customers is a powerful sales tool designed to increase productivity. Over 5,000 companies use the platform to gain insights, improve efficiency, and organize their sales teams. We are launching a video series to showcase how companies utilize  Map My Customers. To kickoff the series, our first video features route planning and optimization.

Route optimization

You’re an amazing salesperson, but are you working at peak efficiency? Peak efficiency is a theoretical rate of selling that refers to the maximum amount of sales a person can achieve. While it is difficult to reach this rate, you can use tools and strategies to get as close as possible.

Sales at a B2B Startup: Challenges & Characteristics for Success

Sales at a B2B Startup: Challenges & Characteristics for Success

Developing a productive team at a B2B startup requires time, patience and focus. Early stage companies provide ample opportunities for account executives to gain valuable experience while also growing their skill sets. However, the startup world is not for everyone. It takes someone who is a self-starter, action oriented and can quickly shift on the fly. Here are some of the unique challenges that those in a sales role at a startup face.  

Challenge #1: Starting with a Blank Slate.

At a startup, there may not be a library of sales enablement materials to aid in your efforts.

Why Cold Calling Is Not Dead

Why Cold Calling Is Not Dead

As a founder, you know you only need that one. That one mammoth client to boost your sales (be careful to not fully depend on one client for majority of your revenue-link) and give you credibility as you try to draw herds of them through case studies and testimonials. As a sales rep, you may only need a handful of giant sales contracts to put you at the top of the company leaderboard. The question is, how do you plan on acquiring these large clients? Do you want to depend on the marketing department to pass off a lead that may convert?

Why a Synergistic relationship between Marketing and Sales is essential to maximize business development.

A synergy is the collaboration of two or more groups to create a combined effect larger than the sum of their separate effects. Sales and marketing are targeting the same objective: helping their business grow. Although the two have the same end goal, marketing and sales often operate separately, which is the problem with most relationships between the two departments. When growing a business, there is a greater synergy when marketing and sales teams work together, able to generate and close more deals.

Before diving into why this relationship is necessary, it is essential to define what marketing and sales are.

The Fluidity Of Sales

So, you are in sales or interested in learning more about it. Great! The first thing you must understand about sales is that both you and the buyer should engage in a process of negotiation to consummate the exchange of values. Selling is considered by many to be the art of persuasion. While it does require significant skill to sell effectively, we must remember that a sale is an exchange process of negotiation that has implied rules and identifiable stages. Such stages involve: getting acquainted, assessing each party’s need for the other’s item of value, and determining if the values to be exchanged are equivalent or nearly so, to complete the transaction.

The SMART Guide To Sales Goals

Smart Sales Goals

Goals are something that we all set for ourselves and have for our whole lives, but do we always know how to set goals? We often set goals, but don’t always follow through. Heck, I can’t count the number of New Year’s resolutions I have set and failed at. In business though, it is imperative to set goals. Setting specific and challenging goals takes an average account representative to the head of the sales department. Unfortunately, we often rush into setting goals and our goals somehow always find themselves out of our reach. This is where SMART goals come into play.

Map My Customers February 2017 Update: Enhanced Routing, Redesigned Groups & More!


Map My Customers February 2017 Update: Enhanced Routing, Redesigned Groups & More!

Hey, Mappers!

We’ve been hard at work providing you with new features & redesigning our iOS app. We’ve also created a new auto self-guided demo system that will walk you through the features on Map My Customers you want to learn about. Click here to check it out. It can be used to learn more about our features or to train a new team member.

Check out these great new features:

Allocate Time to Each Stop on a Route

Web Only

With this update, you can set how much time you want to spend at each stop on your route.

How Can Optimized Routing Help Your Sales? Read What Our Customers Have To Say

We take feedback from our customers very seriously – both the positive and negative. Just recently, we received some fairly detailed, positive, feedback from two customers who emphasized the impact Map My Customers has made in their sales within the transportation industry. Here is an excerpt of what they said:

‘I LOVE MAP MY CUSTOMERS app as I see more customers in less time with the optimal organization of my stops. I use the color-coded pins to differentiate my customers by revenue. I cover a large territory and in my opinion, anyone who travels can benefit from your service. Very affordable, very easy to use.’ – Mandy Forlina

Our features benefit a variety of industries, with the supply industry being one in particular.