How Can Optimized Routing Help Your Sales? Read What Our Customers Have To Say

We take feedback from our customers very seriously – both the positive and negative. Just recently, we received some fairly detailed, positive, feedback from two customers who emphasized the impact Map My Customers has made in their sales within the transportation industry. Here is an excerpt of what they said:

‘I LOVE MAP MY CUSTOMERS app as I see more customers in less time with the optimal organization of my stops. I use the color-coded pins to differentiate my customers by revenue. I cover a large territory and in my opinion, anyone who travels can benefit from your service. Very affordable, very easy to use.’ – Mandy Forlina

Our features benefit a variety of industries, with the supply industry being one in particular.

Key Sales Takeaways From State Of Inbound 2016

Sales Insights From HubSpot’s State Of Inbound Report

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top issues sales people currently face, reported average conversion rates and their 2017 priorities (according to HubSpot’s recently released State of Inbound 2016 report). HubSpot gathered data from over 4,500 respondents for this report. Although HubSpot is a marketing company, this report includes insightful data about the general sales industry. Keep in mind that many of these numbers and charts are based on a combination of data from both inbound and outbound salesforces.

Note: All charts and graphs are from HubSpot’s report and not owned or created by Map My Customers

Challenges Reps Face In The Sales Process

Sales Rep Challenges

20% admitted that identifying a new lead is a significant problem of the sales process.

5 Books For Great Salespeople

5 Books For Great Salespeople

Check out these great reads!

The Sales bible By Jeffery Gitomer

Not only have I read this book, but I have also read it at least four times. This book is truly the Bible of Selling. Much like the Bible is a guidebook for Christians that they reference when in need of inspiration; The Sales Bible is also a great point of reference when you need a bit of inspiration for your day in Sales.

The Power To Get in By Michael Boylan

This one is an old one. It talks about sending Faxes!! Do companies even still have fax machines?

5 Easy Steps For Managers To Improve Sales Teams TODAY

5 Easy Steps For Managers To Improve Sales Teams TODAY

Originally posted on March 2nd, 2016

Sales needs to be focused on the now. You can’t run a successful business unless you are focused on bringing in today’s business. It’s so easy to lose sight on today’s revenue while developing an annual plan on where the company should go next. Below our team at Map My Customers came together to determine the most important ways to improve your sales team TODAY.

Inspiration Field Sales

1. Praise Them

First of all, condemning and criticizing your sales team members makes up the majority of communication between you and your sales members.