Route Optimization: Why Should You Care

Route optimization gets you from point A to point B in the fastest (most cost effective) way.  It is more complex than simply finding the shortest path between any two or more points. Route optimization is the structured and multifaceted reasoning of factoring in several turns and intersections, traffic congestions, required stops throughout the road, weather conditions, traffic accidents and more. It is based upon powerful computer algorithms and robust mathematical models that quickly provide the most efficient route to take, saving you time and gas money.

Route optimization on a laptop.

As a sales professional this means – you can see more clients and in a shorter period! Route optimization takes you out of the car and puts you in front of more customers and prospects.

Why Should Route Optimization Matter to You?

To begin, let’s just keep in mind that time is of the essence and for all of us in sales, time is money. As a person who is always on the road, route optimization means seeing more clients and spending less time in the car. Scheduling appointments can be even more challenging when clients are only available during certain time frames.  It is the solution if you have ever asked yourself – how am I ever going to be able to touch all my accounts?


Route Optimization Pays for Itself

At the end of the day – time is money and route optimization pays for itself.  It enables you to:

  • Increase productivity (One more sale a day, throughout the year, equals to an extra month of sales.)
  • Effectively cover your territory in less time
  • Broaden your scope by exploring and covering more territories
  • Create real-time estimates by programming the appointment or period it takes to visit a client into the route.
  • Increase customer happiness! You are more effective and punctual
  • Travel fewer miles = less gas

Want to learn more? Check out a short tutorial video of Map My Customers’ route optimization in action.  Or, sign up for a free trial today and see for yourself.