Customer Happiness: Mother and Son Duo Work Together To Increase Flexibility and See The Big Picture

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We wanted to learn more about how our customers use Map My Customers and what need it helps them serve. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Jennifer and Logan, who have been using our product to “see high customer volume areas” and have a visual representation of where their customers are. Jennifer’s company, My Hot Lunchbox, partners with schools to provide hot, nutritious lunches to children. They have clients nationwide and use Map My Customers to keep track of schools and vendors across the nation.


What were Jennifer and Logan using prior to Map My Customers?


Previously, Jennifer and Logan used Google Maps to “highlight every customer and vendor with different colored stars.” They found that this didn’t allow them flexibility in being able to see the difference between different groups of clients. Since implementing Map My Customers into their repertoire of online management tools, Jenn is able to see “high customer volume areas” and group their contacts according to schools and vendors.


How was the setup process?


Logan, Jenn’s twelve year old son, entered all the contacts in the map and initially started experimenting with the features. We asked how a young boy, like Logan, found the initial onboarding process and whether he required any assistance from support sources. He said: “when you log in, everything is divided into self-explanatory sub groups” and there is a “big, ‘add customers’ button, so you know where you need to go to get started.”


Additionally, the account has been set up in such a way so that Jennifer is able to see the vendors they current work with as well as potential clients that may be nearby.

“It made our production a lot more successful”

Largely, Jennifer says that Map My Customers has made her “production a lot more successful” and that she is now able to see “the big picture”.


Check out our game plan for the year and see how Map My Customers can be used to suit your business needs.