7 Questions Sales Reps Should Ask Prospective Clients

7 Questions To Ask Prospective Clients

There are plenty of sales questions we need to ask throughout the buying/selling process to help uncover a need, create urgency and gain commitment. Here are some I think are important and the reasons why:

What Are The Details Of The Decision-Making Process And Who Is Involved?

This might seem obvious, but, you’d be amazed at how many sales reps I see don’t ask this question or don’t get the details they need to understand the process. If you don’t have a clear understanding of the decision-making process and its stakeholders, then don’t be surprised when you have to talk to procurement, legal or other stakeholders.

How To Make Sales Fun

How To Make Sales Fun

Let’s be honest with each other, sales isn’t necessarily fun for anyone. Those long hours of cold calling with no results could be spent doing something else I’m sure. Those cold calls don’t produce the same results as they used to either, making it even less fun for your employees. At Map My Customers, we took the liberty to share with you some ideas for making your sales team have a little more fun.

Fun Sales

Sales Engagement

Track all prospecting calls for a week and determine who made the most calls, connected with the most people, or set the most appointments.