Establishing A Great Sales Relationship

Establishing A Great Sales Relationship

Sales Relationship with New And Old Customers

It’s very important to establish a great sales relationship with your lead in your initial conversation. After all, a first conversation can leave a lasting impression. Leaving a strong impression over the phone is much different than in person ( did a great job with tips on leaving a lasting impression in person). How exactly does one leave a lasting impression over the phone?

Start The Sales Relationship With An Appreciative & Welcoming Tone

Each sales person has their own strategy. However, what we’ve seen work at Map My Customers is to create an appreciative and welcoming tone by:

  • Thanking your lead for taking the time to talk with you or for showing interest in your product
  • Asking your lead to tell you more about his or her day and any struggles they may face throughout the day

After thanking them, you could say something like:

“I wanted to make myself available for you as a resource for any questions you may have as well as learn a bit more about you and what made you interested in our product.”

By setting up a welcoming and receptive tone to the conversation, you’re making it known that you are there to answer questions & listen–not sell.