Why Cold Calling Is Not Dead

Why Cold Calling Is Not Dead

As a founder, you know you only need that one. That one mammoth client to boost your sales (be careful to not fully depend on one client for majority of your revenue-link) and give you credibility as you try to draw herds of them through case studies and testimonials. As a sales rep, you may only need a handful of giant sales contracts to put you at the top of the company leaderboard. The question is, how do you plan on acquiring these large clients? Do you want to depend on the marketing department to pass off a lead that may convert?

Map My Customers Update: New Mobile Site, New App, New Features!

Map My Customers Update: New Mobile Site, New App, New Features!

Sales CRM For Customer Mapping

This is a very exciting post for the future of Map My Customers, so much so I’m not even sure where to begin writing. For starters, we want to thank you for your early support and feedback of our idea. Seeing so many dedicated users passionate about using our product helps our small team take on some of the biggest companies in the world – all while having no central office, no investment money, and no business connections.

After fielding feedback since the beginning of the year on our product, we’ve taken a lot of it to heart and have worked tirelessly to produce a new & quality product that you can reliably use on any device – yes, Windows, Android, iOS, anything.

Why Managers Should Give Their Sales Team A Strategy

Why Managers Should Give Their Sales Team A Strategy

The sales team are the backbone of your company. They are on the front lines negotiating deals for your products. They are hearing customer complaints and suggestions. They are out making sure that customers get the best product they deserve. With all of that said, it isn’t easy for a sales team member to go in blind. Your sales team needs a game plan. Below the team at Map My Customers have compiled some suggestions for how and why you should provide your sales team with a strategy before they contact a customer.

3 Tips Turn Leads Into Sales

3 Tips To Turn Leads Into Sales

Leads and Sales

Leads are the first place you should look if you are wondering what the problem with your cash flow is. The majority of leads won’t actually turn into sales just by going through a scripted process. Leads often require additional help to produce sales. Below the team at Map My Customers has put together some tips to turn leads into hard earned and much needed cash flow.

Offer Buying Incentives

Incentives are a great way to turn leads into sales. Often times, time-sensitive incentives will take those leads and convert them because of the fear that the customer could possibly lose out on a good opportunity.

Why CRM Matters For Sales

Why CRM Matters For Salespeople

CRM for Sales

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become the driving force behind many of today’s most successful companies. CRM is a tool used by organizations to build relationships with their current clients and understand their needs better. CMR assists in providing your clients with the best possible service. CRM is an outstanding solution for many reasons.

CRM applies to any company regardless of size or stage. Whether a company is in the start up stage or is an international company, CRM will benefit you. CRM is all about building relationships. CRM allows you to take your focus off of administration and become focused on selling.

What’s Needed in Sales Mapping Software

What’s needed in Sales Mapping Software

Originally posted on August 19th, 2015

Since the discontinuation of Microsoft’s MapPoint & Sales and Trips software, a handful of apps and sites have come to the forefront in sales territory visualization. With most of the competition costing nearly $35/user/month at a minimum, there needs to be a good alternative – i.e., a good competitor with a reasonable cost and direct value.

Map My Customers is the solution to this dilemma. The website and our app are simple and fast. We offer a wide range of features to help you increase leads, sales, and efficiency – all for less than the cost of a tank of gas (really, our app pays for itself within the first month).