The Challenges Of Being A Salesman

Hung-up phone calls. Expletives being shouted at you (about you) in your ear. People doubting your true intentions when you’re talking to them (face it, you probably have that tone of voice that, although likely well-intentioned, does not come off great). These are just 3 of the various reactions prospects & existing customers have… Read More

Filtering & Categorizing Customers By Groups - Map My Customers

One of the most powerful features Map My Customers has to offer is the ability to filter the customers you see on the map via Groups. Groups are essentially different categories of customers. These categories can be anything such as a product type, customer type or territory. On this post, we’ll talk about how… Read More

Route Optimization - Map My Customers Tutorial

What Benefit Do You Get From Route Optimization? Well, it's no secret that sales is a numbers game. How do you hit more of these numbers? Simple. Visit and communicate with more contacts or prospects. With an optimized route, you'll be guaranteed the fastest route possible to your group of contacts. For many of our… Read More

November Update: Outlook Integration, Google Calendar Sync, Auto Reminders, Weekly Sales Report + More!

So many updates! Let's just get to business: Outlook Integration Available on Web for Windows computers You can now sync your contacts directly from Outlook to our app! Check out the "How To" guide on integrating your contacts from Outlook. Sync Reminders To Google Calendar Available on Web Want to connect all of your Map… Read More