T-Shirts & Free Ice Cream

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Free Ice Cream (errr, feedback)

Sorry (not sorry) for the click-baity title, but how else can we say we really, reallly, realllly want your feedback? If you're the kind of person who loves telling people what to do, say, or think - then this is your chance to control what we make/do/think next! Just follow the link below and spill your heart out about how awful/great/rude the people at MMC are.

Yes, I would love to tell the guys at MMC what to make next!

T-Shirts + More Cool Stuff!

We are super excited to announce that you can now get a Map My Customers T-Shirt, Polo, or Coffee Mug - seriously, who doesn't want one? We teamed up with the folks at scalable press to bring you shirts for about $13, mugs for about $8, and Polos for about $18 (if you are international this may cost a bit more for shipping). We can have all apparel made and drop-shipped anywhere in the US in just a few days. Below is a google form if you are interested in any of the above:

Yes I would love to buy/advertise your cheap t-shirts on myself!



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