Sunday Night Football = Sunday Night Sales Prep

Get Ahead And Prepare For Your Week

Last weekend as I was watching the Packers take on the Vikings on Sunday Night Football, I realized that while I watched the game, I also had time to prepare myself for the week ahead. A common quote thrown around in the “you need to plan” world is “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Putting a plan in place to prepare yourself for what lies ahead builds a solid foundation for your efforts. Since it takes time to create a habit, what is better than the 16 weeks of Pro Football on TV to create a habit? Most sales people run like crazy Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm. You are meeting with clients, prospecting, setting new appointments, etc.

Top salespeople protect their selling time at all cost. One way to do that is by allocating specific time to the task of prep work. Some do it Friday afternoon, but for me, that is my favorite time to sell.

So what are you doing on Sunday night? For many, it is a “school” night in the home. This means that the kids go down at a normal time and then if you are like me, you are turning the TV on to watch football. Follow these steps during the football game and you will be prepared for the coming week.

Step 1: Review

Do This Step During The First Two Drives Of The Game

Review Sales Week

Review what you did last week. What meetings were held, what worked, what didn’t, what needs to be followed up on?

Step 2: Take Control Of Your Email

Have This Completed Before The Start Of The 2nd Quarter

Manage Sales Emails

Send out follow-up emails that you let slip from last week. Pre-write your prospecting emails. Clean out your inbox so that you do not feel tempted to start Monday morning by opening your inbox.

Step 3: Schedule

Start This During The 2nd Quarter Of The Game

Plan your time, not only the meetings already on your radar, but also send out invites for any meetings you have not already done. That way when your customer or colleague gets into the office on Monday, they have your request waiting for them. Make sure you put time on your calendar for prospecting. It is easy to push it aside if it is not on your schedule. Included in this time should be planning your route and seeing what times are best for prospecting and who you should target.

Step 4: Meeting Prep

During Halftime Of The Game

Sales Meeting

Mute the TV for these 15 minutes. For each meeting you have with a client or prospect, go ahead and review the notes from your CRM. Prepare your plan of attack for this meeting. What materials do you need with you? What objections are you anticipating? Keep asking yourself these types of questions.

Step 5: Professional Development

Start Of The 3rd Quarter

Keep the TV muted for just a few more minutes. Read for 15 to 20 minutes. The readings should be blog post…like ours, books on sales or personal development, healthy living, etc.

Step 6: Homework

3rd Quarter

Sales News Prep

Study your industry, read Google alerts on your prospects or customers. Find connections on Linkedin. Anything that could help you help your clients is key here.

Step 7: Relax

4th Quarter

Review what you did last week. What meetings were held, what worked, what didn’t, what needs to be followed up on?