Route Optimization – Map My Customers Tutorial

What Benefit Do You Get From Route Optimization?

Well, it’s no secret that sales is a numbers game. How do you hit more of these numbers? Simple. Visit and communicate with more contacts or prospects. With an optimized route, you’ll be guaranteed the fastest route possible to your group of contacts. For many of our users, this is equivalent to saving 30% in both time and money on a weekly basis. You can then reallocate this saved time into time spent with your contacts and time spent on the road visiting more contacts, leading to closing more sales.

We’ll show you exactly how you can create an optimized route with Map My Customers. The first half of this post covers route optimization on web or Android. The second half will cover route optimization for iPhones and iPads.

Route Optimization Via Web & Android

Step 1: Add A Route

To start your route optimization, you’ll need to create a route by logging on to the web version of the app. Next, you’ll go on the Mapping tab > Routing. From here, you’ll simply click on “Add Route” on the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Tap On The Pins To Identify The Stops For Your Route

Adding Pins To Route

After you have created the name of the route, you will be prompted to:

“Click on up to 23 pins to make your route (or lasso pins with the pencil icon to the right), making sure the last pin is your final destination. Click save in the top left when complete.”

Creating a route has never been easier. Once you’ve clicked on a pin, it will turn green and have a star within the pin itself. If you wish to deselect the pin, simply click it again. Every time you click on a pin, that pin’s contact information will be pulled up so you know exactly who you are adding to your route:

Be sure to pick your final destination as the last pin you tap on

Step 3: Choosing Route Style & Starting Destination

After choosing the pins you want to route to, you have the choice of either optimizing your route or visiting your route in a particular order. An optimized route will find you the fastest route possible between your starting location and all of your pins (with the last pin as the final destination). Whereas, the in order routing is very useful if you have a preset schedule that you must visit your customers in. The order of the route will be given based on the order of when the pins were selected.

Next, you’ll be prompted to pick your starting destination. This can either be your current location or you can use another address as your starting location. You may want to use another starting location in situations such as if you were creating your route from your house but plan to start the route from the hotel you will be staying at the following day.

For this situation, we will choose to optimize the route from my current location (red pin).

Step 4: Visualize Your Route

See Your Route On A Map

The map above is what the map of the route would look like if you chose to create one or use an existing one. The picture below gives you a stop by stop order of the route.

View Route Details

This route page also tells you how many miles and time this route will take (top left). If you want instructions to get to each stop, simply click on the blue “Directions” button on the right and it will open up Google Maps. You also have the option of clicking on each stop to edit the contact’s information or dragging and dropping each stop to change the order.

Additional Routing Tips

You can also add a contact to the end of a route directly from the customer’s information page as shown below:

Add Contact Directly To Route List

Route Optimization Via iPhone or iPad

Step 1: Start Creating Your Route

Route On iOS

To get started, simply log on to your Map My Customers account on your iOS device. Once on there, you’ll see the map of all of your pins. To create a route, tap on one of the pins and you’ll see that a bubble with the name of the pin and a “+” icon will show up. To start creating a route, click on the “+” icon and you’ll be prompted with the same instructions to create a route as you would be if you had done it from the website (see instructions on building a route from web above).

You can even create a route or add a contact to a route simply by looking up the contact in the search bar:

iOS Individual Sales Route

When you add a pin to the route, the pin color will turn green and the pin will have a star within it. Continue to do this for up to 23 pins with the last pin being your final stop.

Optimized Route Video For Sales Reps

Step 2: Visualize Your Optimized Route On A Map

Once you’ve got all of the pins you want on the map in the route, click on “Calculate Route” on the bottom left of the page and then it’ll ask you whether you want to optimize your route or route in the order the pins were tapped. You’ll also have the option to choose your starting location. Once you’ve selected which ones you want to use to optimize your route, the route will be calculated and you can see on the map what your route would look like:

Visual Optimized Route

From here, you can either save the route or open up the directions to it. You can open up directions to get the list view of your stops for your route.

Contact List For Route

If you need to move around the order of the route for any particular reason, you can simply click and hold on a stop and then drag and drop it to the spot on the list you want it to be in.

Step 3: Get Routing Instructions For Each Stop

To get routing instructions for each stop, simply click on “Get Directions.” This will prompt the app to either pull up Waze, Google Maps or Apple maps (in that particular order of preference if you have more than one). Once one of these apps is open, you can begin getting instructions to get to each stop.

We’ve had many users claim that by staying organized and optimizing their routes with our app, that they are able to visit 2-4 times as many customers. This is 2-4 times more sales opportunities!

Join the thousands of salespeople using Map My Customers to optimize their routes and close more sales today!