‘Pokemon Go’ Strategy To Mastering The Customer Relationship And Generating Sales

Pokemon Go And Sales

If you’ve recently been active on just about any social media platform, you’ve probably encountered at least one mention of ‘Pokémon Go’. For those who aren’t yet aware, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game inspired by the mid-90s TV/video game series, but now revitalized and available on both iPhone and Android. This new game has blown up and amassed millions of users in the US since its launch on July 6th (Forbes reported the game was installed on 5.6% of US Android devices – 6 million total).

The Most Successful Businesses Are The Ones That Resonate With Their Customers

Over the weekend, I saw both children and married couples playing this new game. News that Pokémon Go brings a favorite childhood game from the screen and into the real world made many download the game without hesitation. Why is that? Because this new game resonated with their old childhood memories and rekindled their dreams of fantasy and adventure.

While every individual’s childhood experience is vastly different, the nostalgic feeling that accompanies a precious past memory is universal. Your company doesn’t have to resonate with your consumers in the same way or level that Pokémon has. However, my advice to you would be to find opportunities that create a special bond with your customers. One which feels familiar, and assures each customer that he or she is valued. Check in on them, and show them you are invested in their needs. Especially paying customers who have invested more than just trust in your business. Follow-up and listen to their feedback, whether it is positive or negative (especially if negative). Your customers should be the focal point driving your business decisions (Hubspot’s CTO, Dharmesh Shah, made this statement clear by bringing a teddy bear to work). This bond that you create and maintain can help down the road through word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, or feedback that can improve your product, to name a few. This basic strategy will not only help retain customers, but also increase the customer lifetime value (check out these tips on improving the customer lifetime value).

Be Agile And Establish A Structure That Allows For Flexibility

It didn’t take very long for Pokémon Go’s server to crash because of the volume of users they received. Clearly, they didn’t expect for the game to instantly excite and cause millions of people to start using the app so quickly. However, the Pokémon Go team has been acting quickly to not only revamp the server, but also to add new features based on user feedback as well.

In today’s world, our needs, behaviors, and how we engage with others constantly change due to advances in technology. Don’t expect anything different from your customers.

It’s important to establish a fluid business structure and strategy that allows your company to adapt to your customer’s changing behaviors. This will require:

  • Establishing a presence on the social media platforms that your customers frequent most.
  • Implementing a sales strategy based on listening as much as it is based on selling (establish a focus group to help with this).
  • Refining your product or service continuously. There is always an opportunity for your service or product to improve. Believing otherwise will lead to losing sales opportunities.

While everybody else is becoming a Pokemon Master, go out and master the customer relationship.

We have worked very hard to integrate these concepts into our company. Many of the features available on our app were originally requested by our users. If you want to learn more about Map My Customers, sign-up below.