Offline Mode - What You Need to Know

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Our latest large improvement to the platform is the use of our iOS app in offline situations. This is very important as a lot of our users roam around in rural areas on a daily basis and need to be able to see their pins (as well as add notes and edit them) as they visit customers. Being able to sync these changes back up to the cloud once they come into internet connectivity again is therefore not only ideal, but necessary. Luckily, now you have the power to do all of these things on the Map My Customer iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

A few things to know about what you can do with the app in the new offline mode:

  • View your pins
  • Edit pins (including their location)
  • View and add groups
  • View and add reminders
  • View and add check-ins
  • View and add routes
  • View nearby customers
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