November Update: Outlook Integration, Google Calendar Sync, Auto Reminders, Weekly Sales Report + More!

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So many updates! Let's just get to business:

Outlook Integration

Available on Web for Windows computers You can now sync your contacts directly from Outlook to our app! Check out the "How To" guide on integrating your contacts from Outlook.

Sync Reminders To Google Calendar

Available on Web Want to connect all of your Map My Customers reminders and follow-ups to your Google Calendar? You can now sync directly from the "Reminders" section of Map My Customers (under Mapping). This will sync all of your reminders to your Google Calendar at once. You can also do this from the "Dashboard" page. If you prefer to add reminders one by one to your Google Calendar, simply go to create a reminder and you'll be given the option to add the reminder to the calendar.

Automatic Reminders

Available on iOS, Android & Web With our automatic reminders, you can rest assured knowing that none of your customers or leads will be forgotten. This is because this feature will set up an automatic reminder in your calendar for you if you don't show any activity with this customer after a certain number of days or weeks. Activities include emails, phone calls or visits/check-ins. For example, if you haven't called one of your leads in 5 days, this feature will create a "Follow Up" or "Visit Again" for you in your calendar (as long as the calendar is synced) for you.

Weekly Sales Report Card

Available Via Email This feature was actually one of the most requested by our users!

This report card will tell you:

  • How many leads you've won
  • How many customers you've checked in with
  • How many reminders you've set
  • How many calls you've placed
  • How many emails you've sent

All in the past week. These are great metrics you can use to hold yourself and your performance accountable!

Tap On A Pin And See The Name Of The Contact

Available on Web & Android Instead of having to tap on a pin and then scroll down to see who it is, you can just tap on the pin and see a bubble with the name of the contact pop up.

Lasso Routing Tool

Available on Web Creating a route has ever been easier! Go to the Routing section of our web app and Add Route. Once you submit the route name, you'll see on the top right that the lasso icon (pencil) will appear. Use this tool to lasso around the pins you want to route to (up to 23).

Choose Starting Location

Previously Available on iOS. Now, Web & Android too

After creating a route, you'll be given the option to use your current location or choose a starting location (for which you'll submit an address). This is a good way to plan ahead in case you're creating the route from home but will be starting from a hotel.

Filter By Check-ins

From the All Leads page, sort through each stage of the lead funnel by last check-in and the number of check-ins.

Automatic Check-in Label

Available on Web On the check-ins page, now you can actually tell which check-ins were automatic and which were manual. Not sure what I mean by this? Check out our previous update on automatic check-ins to learn more.

Set A Color For A Group

Available on iOS, Android & Web Now, you're able to immediately assign a pin a color based on the group it is assigned to. Simply, go to the Groups page and look for the group you want to set a color for. Next, click on "Set Color" for the group and pick the color you want for that group. When you do this and refresh the map (you can also hit "REQUIRED"), you'll see that the pins on the map that are assigned to that group will show the group's color

Add A Contact To A Route From The Customer Information Page

Available on Android & Web You can add a contact to the end of the route by going to the customer's information and scrolling to the bottom where it says "ADD TO ROUTES." From here, you can add this customer to a route and see what other routes this customer is a part of.

Search By Phone & Email

Available on iOS

You can now search through your contact list on the iOS app by phone number and email address!

Display Company Name For Route

Available on Web & Android Under the My Account > Settings section, you'll now see the option to "Show Company on Route" for all of your routes that you can toggle on/off.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions! These are a lot of updates, so we are more than happy to help you out!

Keep Rockin',

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