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This is a very exciting post for the future of Map My Customers, so much so I'm not even sure where to begin writing. For starters, we want to thank you for your early support and feedback of our idea. Seeing so many dedicated users passionate about using our product helps our small team take on some of the biggest companies in the world – all while having no central office, no investment money, and no business connections.

After fielding feedback since the beginning of the year on our product, we've taken a lot of it to heart and have worked tirelessly to produce a new & quality product that you can reliably use on any device – yes, Windows, Android, iOS, anything. While we haven't built every feature into the new site, we've laid the groundwork for what I believe will be some really cool tools in the near future.

Below are some of the highlights of our 2.0 product on web and mobile. We truly hope you enjoy using the new product so we can continue to work with you to provide the most invaluable sales & CRM available.

Matthew Sniff,
Founder @mapmycustomers

Windows, Android & iOS Mobile Web App

The new site works equally well on Windows devices, Android tablets, and iOS platforms. All of the same features on the iOS app are available starting today on all platforms. This includes: routing, importing, territories, contacts, lead segmenting, teams, and much more.

Add Un-Mapped Contacts

Now you'll never miss a customer. Any contacts you upload that can't be mapped will be added as contacts for future mapping. You can even sort on the new contacts page to find all un-mapped contacts.

Create & Segment Leads

Add deal amounts and lead stages to each of your pins or contacts. Easily sort them by lead stage to get a bird's-eye view of your entire sales operation and deal totals right away. You can even edit the stage names to be the names of groups you already have pins in.

Performance Charting

Visualize all of your data in one place - deals won, check-ins, lead stages, and more.

Web Routing

Route between up to 18 pins all at once - with directions from Google Maps & polyline visualization of your route from start to end.

New Teams Pricing

Now you can purchase team members individually instead of in sets of 5, 15, or 30.

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