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We have spent the last few months working on integrating three brand new features into Map My Customers, and we're pretty damn proud of them! All three features are there to make your life even easier when it comes to sales mapping. So lets take a look at what’s going on under the hood.

Save Your Routes

create new route save route saved routes

If you find yourself using the same routes between customers often, then this feature will save you a whole load of hassle. You can now save any route between customers by clicking the handy ‘save route’ button after finding a route. You can name the routes and easily access the list of your previously saved routes for easy re-use.

Import and Export from Address book

Add a customer from address book Export from address book

To help make adding new customers easy, you can now import new pins directly from your iOS address book. Additionally you can export your entire address book as a CSV file, which can be emailed to yourself in-app.

iOS calendar integration

Calendar button Calendar settings Add meeting to calendar

Do you check-in with customers often? Well now you can set calendar reminders for the next meeting directly from the app. On a pin’s details there is a sweet calendar button, which lets you save an event, along with any required notes you might have in a new calendar called ‘Map My Customers’. If your calendar is synced to iCloud the calendar will sync to all of your devices, if not it will still save locally.

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