MMC: mid-July New Features and 50% off Promotion

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While many people have been enjoying the awesome new Pokemon Go game (we even talked about how Pokemon can help your business), our team has been working hard adding new features for to make your life easier! We have also decided that from July 12th-13th, all of our subscription packages will be 50% off for new subscribers.

  • Individual monthly rates start at $4.99 for Plus, $9.99 for Pro and $11.99 for Unlimited.
  • Team member monthly rates are $9.99

You may be enticed to sign up for one of these packages after checking out our brand new features below!

Change size and shape of pins on web, Android and iOS

You can now go to My Account and change the pin size and shape. This can also be accessed on iOS.
It will automatically update to the map on web and will require the user to hit the refresh button on iOS.

Add your company logo to the app on web, Android and iOS

Simply go to "My Account" and click on "Change" next to "Logo Image".
The following pop-up will appear when you do this. The bar on the bottom will allow you to zoom in/out of the image.
Once set, the logo will appear on all devices. If you are a team owner, the logo will appear on all the devices of your team members.

Clustering on web, Android and iOS

Now, if you have a lot of pins very close to each other, our clustering feature will make it easier to visualize these pins. On web and Android, you can click on the circle with the number inside of it (see picture below) and it will take you to those contacts. On iOS, you can zoom in to see those contacts.

Set reminder date/time on web and Android Create a reminder the same way you normally would by going to into a contact's information and clicking Set Reminder. The pop-up below will appear which allows you to set a the reminder by date and time.

Choose route style on web, Android and iOS

Simply choose a route and a pop-up will appear asking you whether you want to route based on the order the pins were clicked on or time optimization. The same pop-up will appear on iOS.

Lasso tool for mass grouping, changing colors and deleting and "Overdue reminders" features on iOS

Click on the pencil icon on the bottom of the Map page. Instructions for the lasso feature will pop up.
After reading the instructions, hit OK and proceed to drawing a shape around the pins you want to mass edit. After the shape is drawn, click on "Edit Lassoed Points" on the top right of the map. This will then take you to a page that gives you the option of adding those pins into a group, change their colors or delete all of them.

Select multiple checkboxes to delete contacts from the Contacts page on iOS

You can delete multiple contacts from the Contacts page by clicking on the checkboxes to their left and clicking Delete at the bottom of the page.

Circle sales map now available on iOS

You can go to the "Leads" page on the iOS app and view the each contact by lead stage (by color coding) and the monetary value of the opportunity (by size of the circle).

That's it for this week's updates! As always, reach out to our support team with any questions at

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