October Updates: 50% Flash Sale, Automatic Check-in, Reorder Routes/Groups And More!

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Hey, Mappers!

We've got many features we want to tell you about. Before we get to that, we're very excited to announce that starting today, October 14th, through Monday, October 17th, we are offering our subscriptions at the discounted rate of:

  • $14.99/month annually for each team member
  • $6.99/month annually for individual users

Promotion is only valid for new users.

We are now also offering 1-1 consultations in which we talk about how you operate your business and make & implement recommendations on how to best leverage our platform. Give us a call and get started today!

Now, we present you with the gift of new features:

Automated Check-ins

(iOS, web & Android)

Now, instead of having to click on our flag icon or the "Check-in" button to check in with a customer, our app will automatically check you in when you are within 15 meters of the contact's address.

Reorder Routes And Groups

iOS, web & Android

Don't like the order of your groups? Just click and hold on the name of the group and then drag it to the place you want it to be in.

Want to change the order of your route after you've selected it? Do the same thing! Press and hold on the name of the stop and drag it to its new place. This will save you the time of having to recreate the route.

Share & Visualize Territories

New to iOS. Already available on web & Android Visualize your territories on your iPhone or iPad by going to the home map and tapping on the "T" icon on the bottom left of the screen. Tap it once to visualize all of the territories with the pins. Tap it a second time to visualize only the shape of the territories (without pins). Tap it a third time to clear the territories and see only your pins. Note, the "T" should change color every time you tap it.

This update will allow all of your team members you share a territory with to see the actual shape and color of the territory (with its corresponding pins).

Satellite Map View

New to iOS. Already existing in web & Android

Automatic Import Checker & Fixer

Web only Not sure why the spreadsheet you're using isn't importing correctly? Use our brand new import checker and fixer! Access it by importing like you usually do, but look for the blue words "automatic file checker" and upload your file to the new page that comes up. Our checker will tell you what the issue was and will even fix it for you!

Upload Up To 1,000 Pins At A Time

Web update. Can import as many as you need on iOS and Android

Importing has become more efficient! Instead of having to import 1,000 pins on mobile, now, you can import up to 1,000 pins easily on web. Just go to Add Contacts > Import Customers and then import up to 1,000 customers.

Push Notifications

New for Android. Existing for iOS

Send push notifications to your whole team on ANY device. In case you missed our last update, we introduced team push notifications for iOS. Today, we are happy to introduce team push notifications for Android as well! Simply go to the Teams page on web and create the message you want to send out (bottom right of the page) and send it! Fast and easy.

Timestamps On All Pins & Contacts

iOS, web & Android Once you've created a customer, go back to that customer's information and scroll down to the bottom. There, you will see two fields that you cannot edit. These fields are "Created At" and "Updated At." The first field will never change. The second field will change everytime you make a change on that customer's profile (includes reminders and check-ins).

More Colors!

iOS, web & Android

We've added 10 more colors! The new colors are white, violet, turquoise, peach, navy, olive, cyan, gold, maroon and brown. If you're already a paying user and don't have these colors, let us know, and we'll add them for you.

That's it for now! As always, reach out to us with any questions to support@mapmycustomers.me.

Check us out today at mapmycustomers.me