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There are many people out there looking for a Microsoft MapPoint alternative on a daily basis. Why is that? Well, Microsoft MapPoint was known as the preferred customer mapping & routing tool for sales professionals (before Microsoft discontinued it back in 2014). Why did salespeople like MapPoint so much?

  • It allowed them to stay organized and prepare for their day ahead of time.
  • It allowed them to create optimized routes guaranteed to save them time on the road and money on gas.
  • It allowed them to edit their routes & view customer notes on the go from their computer

At Map My Customers, we've found that many of our users were once MapPoint fanatics. They actually found Map My Customers by searching for an alternative solution. Since using our tool, these users have become huge Map My Customers advocates because we offer them the core capabilities MapPoint had and more at a market-best rate. What were these capabilities? Let's find out.

MapPoint Alternative Feature 1: Customer Visualization & Route Optimization

With a very quick and simple import, you can view all of your customers on a map on our platform. You can plot pins anywhere across the US or the world and even assign different colors to different types of customers. With this visualization component, we make it very easy to be able to create a route:
At Map My Customers, we can help you save 30% in time and money on a weekly basis by creating multiple optimized routes for up to 23 stops at a time. Creating a route on our platform is actually much easier and faster to do than on MapPoint. Since our platform is powered by Google Maps (proven by CNBC to be more accurate than Apple Maps) you can rest assured knowing that the route directions you receive will always be the fastest route possible. The image above shows what your route looks like on the map. The image below is an example of what the route would look like on a stop-by-stop basis.
In this image, you'll also see that we tell you how many miles you will travel on your route and how long this will route takes. From here, you can click "Directions" and open up Google Maps to get the directions for each stop. This feature is also available on our app on iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Changing the order of a route is also very simple. Simply, drag and drop each stop and rearrange it in the order you want it to be in. From this route page, you can also go in and add/review notes for each customer which leads us to our next topic...

MapPoint Alternative Feature 2: Customer Notes

One of the amazing advantages of MapPoint was that it allowed you to pull up notes for each customer visit. This way, you'll know exactly what the conversation was about last time you saw your customer, making it easier to tailor the conversation. With Map My Customers, you can do the exact same thing. We offer standard fields like name, address, lead status and groups (categories). Below those fields, you'll also see we offer one big notes textbox in order to log your notes after each meeting. Additionally, we offer the ability to create up to 30 custom fields to allow you to track all of the information you may need for each customer.

MapPoint Alternative Feature 3: Territory Visualization

Salespeople have been using territories for decades as a way to geographically categorize customers from different regions and strategize their sales approach. MapPoint allowed users to create visual territories. Now, Map My Customers allows you to easily visualize and create a territory by drawing it or submitting a zip code range. At any time, you can go to the Map My Customers territory feature and see exactly which customers are within your or your coworker's territory.

What More Can Map My Customers Do As A MapPoint Alternative?

One of the biggest advantages of Map My Customers is that we are a web and mobile solution. You can easily create routes on web and have it be available and accessible from your mobile device (iOS or Android) and vice versa. You can access any of the information you have on your Map My Customers account from the mobile app.

Other great mapping features, besides mobile access, that we offer, are:

  • Offline access of the app.
  • Up to 25 colors that can be used to color code your customers.
  • Ability to filter through customers by Group/Category.
  • Route creation in a particular order.
  • Sales funnel & circle sales map.

Our users themselves claim that Map My Customers is the best MapPoint alternative not only because we offer the best value and price point in the market, but also because of our great customer support.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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