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How many of you have ever felt like a product has absolutely all the features you’re looking for? All the capabilities to save you time, increase sales efficiency and optimize your sales? A product that checks off all the boxes! So you head to the sign up page, only to find that they either don’t have a trial period or that it’s only a few days! Thankfully, here at Map My Customers, we have a full two-week trial period and have just increased the variety of features that are available for trial. I’m going to break them down and highlight their value and exactly how they can help you crush your sales goals!

Sell Effectively By Visualizing All Of Your Customers

Firstly, we provide an intensely visual mapping experience for our users.

The pins on our map allow you to see the exact geographical location of your customers and to see where they are most densely clustered. We understand that this is a very important function for our customers and so, we have increased the number of pins available by five times! From the previously allowed 50 pins, you now have access to 2500 pins during the free, two-week trial. Just think about all the customers you could visualize on the map and the ease with which you could reach them!

Color-code Pins By Groups (Categories) For An Optimal Sales Map

Pins without colors would not provide you with a fair visual understanding of the group, or category, that pin is in. You are now offered a selection of ten colors to choose from. You can assign different colors to different groups, as well as geographical areas, also known as territories. This is a great visual tool and will enhance your experience with the mapping features. You’ll be able to tell which customers belong to which groups or categories just by looking at its color on the map.

Create & save optimized routes — Allocate more time to sales

Traveling to a large group of customers multiple times a week? Looking for a way in which to save your favourite route? Look no further! The two-week trial now offers the ability to create and save routes. You can save yourself a lot of time by being able to select a route just once, instead of multiple times! Talk about time and gas management! You have the potential to optimise sales right at your fingertips.

Additionally, you are able to create optimized routes in advance. Use the 'save routes' feature to plan your routes for the entire week.

Grow your sales by segmenting your customers with more Groups

Organize more people into more groups! We have increased the number of groups you can create - from 10 groups, you now have the ability to create up to 500 groups. This feature is one of our most effective, in that it helps you sort through your prospects & customer list and group them however you’d like! Whether that be by their stage in the lead funnel or where they are located geographically, use Map My Customers to group YOUR customers! Learn more about the benefits of groupshere

Leverage Email Automation To Boost Sales

Be organized with your email campaigns and save yourself huge amounts of time with our trackable emails feature! During the two-week trial period, you can take advantage of this feature, which allows you to create an initial template as well as a follow up email. Choose the individuals or groups of customers you want to target and set up automated follow up emails! No longer do you have to worry about whether you have forgotten to follow up with clients. Want more? Through the time stamp feature, you can also see if your email has been opened; who has responded and at what time, as well as who that person was! Use this feature to organize your processes and optimize your marketing procedures. The time stamp feature Learn more about email automation here

Export your customer & sales information at any time

We’ve made it so easy for you to have all your customer information right at your fingertips. New to the two-week trial period, the export feature allows you to download all of your account details in a spreadsheet format right onto your computer! With other CRM platforms, you would have to wait at least a few days to get your hands on this information, wasting precious time. We understand how important it is for you to stay up to date with your customers and so, we’ve made it convenient for you to have quick and easy access to spreadsheet data.

Track & Visualize Your Customers Through Your Sales Funnel

See where each of your customers are in each stage of the customizable sales funnel. Another great visual tool. You can set up to eight stages to funnel your customers through! Use this in conjunction with the other features offered and you’ll optimise your sales process and be organized in doing so.
Want to know the best part about the new two-week trial period? We DO NOT require you to enter your credit card details! You can rest assured that there will be no hidden charges during your two-week trial period and so, you can make the most of it by playing with the different features we have to offer. Watch your sales processes streamline and become more effective & efficient; see how Map My Customers can be an asset for your team!

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