6 Sales Tools Used To Save Time & Boost Performance

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Leverage These Useful Sales Apps For Optimal Performance

Sales professionals should not fear that technology will replace them. Rather, sales professionals need to understand that technology can help them boost performance. Sales will always be a relationship driven profession. Technology exists only to reinforce those relationships with prospective and current customers. Learn about the top 6 types of tools you can use to boost your performance.

Use CRMs To Manage Customer Relationships

This is a no-brainer. To be honest, if you’re not using a customer relationship management tools (CRMs), you are already likely behind your competitors. Just about everybody knows and understands the impact CRMs can have on your sales. At its core, CRMs allow you to track each touch point you have with your customers. Tracking touch points can be something as simple as updating notes whenever you talk with your customers or automatically updating your CRMs so that you know your customer’s purchase history. With the shift to mobile cloud-based CRMs, all of this information is available whenever you need it. This ubiquity will allow you to make more timely and informed decisions which lead to a better customer relationship and more sales.

To get a bit more information on what CRMs can (and can’t) do for you, check out this blog post. If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation, Salesforce’s eBook will provide all the information you need.

Email Automation Saves You Time From Emails And Allows You To Target Many Prospects At Once

You should be checking in with your customers now and then for two main reasons. These reasons are:

  • To show that you have not forgotten about them and that you value their relationship with you.
  • People’s needs are constantly changing. As our world continues to progress through various outlets like technology, we, as salespeople, need to adapt.

Email automation can help in addressing these two points. Don’t misinterpret and believe that email automation will replace this feedback touch point between you and your customer. Rather, email automation will help you more efficiently reach out and receive feedback that you can act upon and communicate with to your customer. At the very least, it can assist you in setting up a personal phone call. Email automation can also be very useful because this tool allows you know if and when a customer has opened and replied to your emails. Use your best judgment when interpreting these metrics. Some customers may have opened and not responded to your email just because they are busy (and we need to understand that). However, there is the possibility that some customers may not have replied because they are beginning to lose interest. If you believe that this is the case for one of your customers, it may be critical to give them a personal call directly, or else it may be a lost opportunity. Want more information? Check out this detailed post on email automation.

Scheduling Tools Help You Stay Organized & Save Time

There are two ways you leverage technology to facilitate scheduling visits and follow-ups with customers. The first one is by using CRM tools with scheduling capabilities that sync directly with your iPhone, Android, Google or Outlook calendars. After you got off the phone and scheduled a meeting with your customer, set the meeting on your calendar through the CRM. Most CRMs will allow you to set reminders before the meeting. Doing this will help you stay organized so that you never double book yourself or miss a meeting with a customer again.

The second way you can leverage technology for scheduling is by allowing your customers to book themselves on your calendar directly. This is where tools like Calendly come in handy. Rather than proposing multiple meeting times to your customer, guide them directly to your calendar link and have them choose a time that works best for the both of you. Drop a quick line like, “You can book a meeting for us at a time that is most convenient for you by accessing my calendar directly [insert calendar link here].” If you use these tools correctly, you’ll rarely have back-and-forth dialogue about scheduling a meeting again. The faster you can schedule visits and follow-ups, the more you can focus on selling. A Hubspot blog post talked about how they used this tool for prospective clients. Don't underestimate this tool. It is just as useful for current customers.

Route Optimization Tools Help You Save Time Every Day

We’re all used to using Google and Apple Maps to route to customers one at a time. But, what do you do if you have to route to multiple customers at a time? Are you going to look up each customer address every time? What if you need to find the fastest route to all of your customers at once? For years, there were no solutions to these problems. Today, however, there are a multitude of options for multi-stop and optimized routing. Various independent studies have even shown that multi-stop route optimizing saves drivers 30% in time (no more driving in circles) and money (gas). The time saved can then be used to visit other customers and focus more on sales.

What if you don’t need to optimize your route. Rather, you need to schedule your route based on your scheduled meetings? There’s a solution for that too. Routing apps also provide in-order routing which allows you to pick and choose which stops you want to go to first.

Business Card Scanners To Save You Time From Inputting Data

After a great meeting, your prospective customer hands you their business card. What do you do next? You manually input each bit of information from the business card into your phone or whatever system you use to keep track of your customer’s information. Data inputting is such a tedious task. Why waste so much of your time inputting information when you could just be out there selling? This is where business card scanner apps come in handy. With these apps, you can take pictures of your business cards and have the information & picture of the card automatically stored on your business card scanner app. At Map My Customers, we take it to the next level. If you use our business card scanner, all of the information will auto-populate into our CRM and automatically geocode each customer's address on our map. More savings in time! If interested, check us out or check out the top business card scanner apps.

Industry News Feed To Stay Up To Date On Latest Sales Trends

Just like any good sales person, you’re very busy and constantly on the go. Being time-constrained on the weekdays means that your only “free” time to get updated on industry related news is on the weekend. Factor in time with friends & family and your free time is almost all gone. This is where news feed reader apps come in handy. These apps allow you to tailor your news feed (similar to Facebook news feed) based on your topics of interest. This way, when you’re getting your morning coffee or taking a quick lunch break, you can use these apps to stay updated. You'll always be up to date on latest sales tips & tricks. Check out the top apps to provide you the news you want, when you want it.

There are many apps available out there that a combination of these tools. When looking for one for you and your business, please, make sure you take the time to investigate and learn as much as you can about each solution. The last thing you want to happen is to invest time and money into a solution that does not do what you want.

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