Know Your Customers, Know Your Sales Future

Know Who You Are Selling To

Gain Insights From Your Customers To Help You Win More Sales

All great salespeople understand that knowing who you are trying to sell is the major driver of higher sales. Here, at Map My Customers, we have been going through a customer discovery phase of our own over the past two weeks to learn more about our users (free and paying). We’ve been calling up active users as well as users who no longer use our product because we want to understand the search & buying behaviors of the entire scope of our market. This may lead you to ask two questions:

  • How much do I need to know about my customers to know about my sales future
  • How does knowing my customer shape my sales future?

How Much Do I Need To Know About My Customers?

Know Who To Target

Everything. Well, that’s obviously an exaggeration. But, know as much as they are willing to tell you! Start with open-ended questions like “Can you tell me what your day-to-day looks like?” just to get them talking. Next, ask more specific questions relating to your product like the value they see in it and how they implement it in their lives. These insights will help you better understand your customers and how they perceive you, your product and your company.

In general, you should get demographical information whenever you can. After all, the best sales tactics are to have a tailored approach for each customer segment. Getting additional information like:

  • Trade associations they belong to
  • LinkedIn groups they are in
  • Magazines they subscribe to

Knowing the trade associations and LinkedIn groups they are a part of is extremely helpful in allowing you to meet your current and prospective customer where they are. These groups and magazine will also provide you with the knowledge and insight to have a relevant & enjoyable conversation with your customer. Take this type of information and leverage it for your use.

How Does Knowing My Customer Shape My Sales Future?

Sales Future

As a salesperson, nobody will have the opportunity to know as much about your customers as you. If you can gather the information you collect from your customers, use it to create different customer segments and work with your marketing team, you will be helping your cause. This is because aligning sales information with your marketing team will help them help you. They’ll have more knowledge about the different customer segments than any research database can provide them with. This knowledge, will, in turn, help them market to and provide you with more qualified leads–boosting your close rates and performance!

Haven’t interviewed customers before? No problem! Here’s a list of 10 questions you can ask your customers. If you’re a bit experienced with customer interviews, check out this article on 4 Customer Interview Questions You Should Never Ask.