Key Questions Every Sales Leader Should Answer

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Rachel Clapp Miller recently posted Key Questions Every Sales Leader Should Answer. In this post I would like to explain how Map My Customers plans to answer these questions.

1) What is the purpose of our team?

To be the most effective sales force in our industry. Our definition of effectiveness may be different than yours. We have a unique call and email process that every lead goes through. We want to be able to effectively go through our call process and have as many touch points with our prospects and customers as possible.

2) Why do I believe in the purpose?

Our product, when used properly, will make individual sales professionals and sales teams more effective. To be able to help those companies, we must also be effective. Effectiveness gives us the ability to reach the high number of touch points a new lead requires. We utilize our own product to manage our funnel and we feel being effective gives the product validity.

3) Where will this purpose put me in the future?

Achieving this purpose will increase our close ratio and provide the company with additional revenue at higher margins. These margins will allow us to invest in our team. To grow our company, we will have to hire more engineers and sales professionals. As we improve our close ratio, we will see revenue growth happen sooner in the sales cycle--allowing us to hire and grow. Our growth benefits our clients because we are able to add enhancements and new product offerings.

4) How will we achieve our purpose?

Step 1: Develop a script to allow us to consistently and effectively articulate our value and key differences with our prospects and clients
Step 2: Finalize and execute on a consistent sales process
Step 3: Revise how our account servicing reps or customer success managers operate
Step 4: Put forth a plan to capitalize on enterprise sales opportunities

5) Which skills are required?

Dedication to the process, hard work and the mindset geared toward iteration. We need to be flexible and have the foresight needed to judge our process. We firmly believe that selling is helping. Our sales team is part sales rep, part teacher. Customer education is a big part of the customer buying model. We also need to be true business consultants and share with our clients the different ways they can maximize their time working. Sales at Map My Customers is not about convincing people to buy our product. It is about helping them understand their options and being their personal concierge through the process.

Want to get started on developing your own answers? Check out the Four Step Process to Develop and Achieve Your Sales Vision. I highly recommend taking the time to sit down and answer these questions as it will help your team's performance.

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