Importing Your Pins & Contacts

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Notice: If you need to map more than 5,000 pins, you must import via the iOS app (you can, however, upload any amount of un-mapped contacts).

Website Import: Click "Add Customers" in the top right of the 'Mapping' page. Upload your spreadsheet in CSV format.

iOS Import: Save your spreadsheet in CSV format and email it to yourself. Make sure you are on the map page of the app, then visit the mail app on your phone and tap and hold on the attachment inside your email. There should be an option to open in Map My Customers (if you are on Safari, open the attachment, then tap once and there will be a link at the top of the page).


1) Setup a spreadsheet (with your favorite program) with column headers similar to these:

Company Name, Contact Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Email, Color, Groups, Lead Status, Deal Amount, Notes

Download this template for a good place to get started. You do not have to use our template or the names of our column headers, but it is a good place to start.

The only required field upon import is company name or contact name. Each row in your spreadsheet must have one of these or your import will not work.

Custom Fields Option: If you need custom fields other than those in the template above, you can add new fields by visiting the Account page on the website and clicking 'Add Custom Fields' or by visiting the 'Add Customers' page and clicking on 'Add Pin or Contact Manually' inside the app and clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner. You can then add these as columns in your spreadsheet.

2) Make sure to eliminate any commas, apostrophes, and unknown characters from your addresses or information will not enter as expected. If you get the message 'please make sure your file is in UTF-8 format' then you have unknown characters in your file. Please login and visit the 'help' page on the website. Your file will almost always be in this format, however, if you are using non-english characters (such as accent marks) you need to make sure your file is saved properly.

3) Duplicate entries (those having the same physical location, contact name, and company name) and customers you've already imported will be skipped over automatically. Addresses with multiple contact names will be automatically grouped together.

4) If you have not purchased extra pin colors, you can only choose 'black' as a color (this is the default). Colors available include: red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow, grey, teal, white, violet, turquoise, peach, navy, olive, cyan, gold, maroon, brown and neon(red, yellow, green, blue, purple). Name the neon colors "neon red", "neon yellow", etc. in your spreadsheet (lowercase).

5) For grouping pins, you can put one customer into multiple groups by separating with a semicolon (e.g. group1;group2;group3). This field is not required.

6) If adding a lead status (stage) to your pins, this column should contain a value from one of five stages: lead, pitched, qualified, won, lost (you can edit these stage names and add more stages from the leads page on the website). Make sure the deal amount column is an integer or decimal value if you are using this column.

7) Upon import, you will be prompted to select the fields you would like to apply to each column in the file you uploaded.

If your file will not import, check out our automatic file fixer to resolve your issues. If you have tried the import fixer and cannot import, contact for immediate help.

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