How To Make Sales Fun

Let’s be honest with each other, sales isn’t necessarily fun for anyone. Those long hours of cold calling with no results could be spent doing something else I’m sure. Those cold calls don’t produce the same results as they used to either, making it even less fun for your employees. At Map My Customers, we took the liberty to share with you some ideas for making your sales team have a little more fun.

Fun Sales

Sales Engagement

Track all prospecting calls for a week and determine who made the most calls, connected with the most people, or set the most appointments. The loser buys coffee, bagels, or lunch for the team. Or, if the team achieves a specific number, the manager buys for the team!

Prospect Take Down

Run some role plays by impersonating the toughest prospects you can imagine. We have all had our fair share of bad prospects. When you’re the rep, persist until you break the prospect and get some information (if not set an appointment). Truth is, you’ll never encounter a prospect as difficult as your colleague because they have experienced it all!

Whiteboard Willy

Create a fun whiteboard chart with columns for the days of the week and rows for sales reps’ names. Each day, insert the number of people talked to and see who has the most. Give daily prizes to the winners — whether it’s Dollar Store gag gifts or Starbuck’s gift cards.

Fantasy Sales Team

Think of this as Fantasy Sports. Each team member gets points for anything they do. Points could go towards a new lead, securing a sale, or even someone requesting more information. Now, most Fantasy leagues end in the loser having to get a tattoo of the winners choice but I think a gift card or bonus will be just fine.

Ping Pong Table

A ping pong table is a perfect addition to any office. Allow your sales team the opportunity to have a break while still remaining in the competitive spirit. This may get their blood flowing and pumped up to secure a sale. There is nothing wrong with play time in the office.

Map My Customers is an excellent tool for your sales team. You can keep track of each lead using any of the games I mentioned (except ping pong of course). You will be able to assign your employees a color so all employees can see what everyone else is doing in the multiuser mode. The manager is able to see all updates by each employee to keep track of scores as well!