How To Improve Your Sales Team TODAY

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Sales needs to be focused on the now. You can’t run a successful business unless you are focused on bringing in today’s business. It’s so easy to lose sight on today’s revenue while developing an annual plan on where the company should go next. Below our team at Map My Customers came together to determine the most important ways to improve your sales team TODAY.

1. Praise them: First of all, condemning and criticizing your sales team members makes up the majority of communication between you and your sales members. Make it a point to regularly make a comment on good news, efforts, results, etc. First thing in the morning is a great time to do this. You will notice the difference within your sales team once you make this a core part of your everyday activities.

2. Give them a strategy: Your sales team members need to be looked out for. As a sales team leader, you can not expect your members to succeed if they are given free range to do as they please. When there is not a consistent strategy among all employees, the focus on the main goal of selling is lost. Give your sales team a strategy to get them going. This will also entice further skilled team members to want to join your team based on the proven success of your current strategy.

3. Provide the right tools: Listen to your sales team. Listen to what will make their life easier. Listen to what they want to improve. With that said, you need to find a tool that provides great value across all of your company. For example, Map My Customers is a great tool for your sales team. You have the ability to place your entire territory on a map, find the shortest route between customers, manage your team member activities, and much more.

4. Know your sales team: Know what motivates each member of your sales team in order to get the most out of them. Understanding each member’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses will help you structure your team and tailor rewards to each individual. By doing this you will also increase your sales team engagement and motivation by them knowing you are invested in who they are.

5. Lead by example: Often times, leading by example is confused by selling more than your sales team but that is not the case. As a sales team leader you will stand out among your peers by your passion for your work, being the best, and making a difference. Listen to your team, take responsibility and make it your mission to fix mistakes.

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