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We take feedback from our customers very seriously - both the positive and negative. Just recently, we received some fairly detailed, positive, feedback from two customers who emphasized the impact Map My Customers has made in their sales within the transportation industry. Here is an excerpt of what they said:

“I LOVE MAP MY CUSTOMERS app as I see more customers in less time with the optimal organization of my stops. I use the color-coded pins to differentiate my customers by revenue. I cover a large territory and in my opinion, anyone who travels can benefit from your service. Very affordable, very easy to use.” - Mandy Forlina

Our features benefit a variety of industries, with the supply industry being one in particular. Check out the organizations we work with and the impact we have made within their company!

Routing Can Help You Win More Sales

One particular feature that we believe to be of most help to those in the supply industry is routing. Our routing function allows you to create and save routes both on the web app, as well as your mobile device. You can optimize the route to visit each destination in the most efficient way or choose to visit each destination in the order in which you selected your pins.

The feature also allows you to allocate the amount of time you’d like to spend with each customer, prior to choosing whether you would like to begin your route from your current location, or start from a different location of your choosing. Let’s say you were sitting at home on Monday evening and wanted to plan how your route would look from your hotel the next day. This is where the ability to choose your starting location would be very useful. Get to where you want to go, efficiently!

Another customer not only found benefit from our routing function, but also from the ‘nearby’ feature, allowing him to discover new leads and customers within the area.

“I began to play around with it to see how it would optimize my time spent traveling. I started to plan my daily routes before I was faced with an empty day of guessing where to go”

“Being able to pull up my map and look around my current location at the pins that were nearby was very helpful. I could spend this extra time branching out to these new accounts.” - Brennan Joy

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