Game Changing Updates: Reports Dashboard, Team Communication & $45 Referrals

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This is one of the most exciting blog posts we have ever written. Two game-changing features and an opportunity to earn back some money? It's like an early birthday present!

Reports Dashboard For Individuals & Teams - Web Only

Dashboard Overview Available on the left-hand side of the web app. At a glance, evaluate and view your and your team's activity, performance charts, and reports. From this dashboard, you can also see the most recent overdue & current reminders as well as check-ins.


Download reports that include:

  • Check-ins
  • Reminders
  • All & Won Leads

Teams Better yet, if you have a team, you can view the activity log, charts, and reports by a team member. We hope that this revamped reporting feature can help you more effectively evaluate your and your team's performance!

Team Communication - Web & iOS Send push notifications to your team members whenever you want! All you have to do is go to the "Teams" section and use the "Send Team Push" feature on the bottom right of the page. Type in the message you want to send to your whole team, and they will see it automatically appear on their iPhone or iPad when you click "Send Now."

Share The Love: Get $45 Per Referrals Are you loving Map My Customers? Share the love! Get $45 in MMC credit for every referral you send our way. This credit is equivalent to 3 months free! You get three months, and they get three months. Spread the love and help your friends, colleagues, and family members optimize their day!

Note: Referrals are considered to be paying users who are not part of your Map My Customers team.

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PS: Between you and us, we are working on making it possible for you to send a notification to individual team members...our little secret...stay tuned :)

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