Map My Customers February 2017 Update: Enhanced Routing, Redesigned Groups & More!

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Hey, Mappers!

We've been hard at work providing you with new features & redesigning our iOS app. We've also created a new auto self-guided demo system that will walk you through the features on Map My Customers you want to learn about. Click here to check it out. It can be used to learn more about our features or to train a new team member.

Check out these great new features:

Allocate Time to Each Stop on a Route

Web only With this update, you can set how much time you want to spend at each stop on your route. This is particularly convenient (as you will see below) when planning your day and syncing your route to your calendar. To access this feature, choose a route on the website like you normally would > choose either optimize or in-order > you'll see a drop-down bar that you can click on (see image above) and choose how much time to spend at each stop.

View Arrival Times for Each Stop on a Route

Web only

After you select a route, choose your route style & how long you want to spend at each stop, our system will provide you with a list of your contacts in the order you must visit them in. This list now also includes the estimated arrival time at each stop so you can effectively plan your day better.

Sync Your Route to Your Calendar

Web only

Easily sync your route directly to your Google Calendar from our website. Simply, choose the route you want and once you get the list of contacts for the route, select the "Sync Stops To Calendar" button which will then prompt you to connect to Google Calendar and then the route will be added to your calendar. This route calendar will also take into consideration how long you want to spend at each stop.

New Groups Layout

Web only

We've redesigned our Groups page to make it easier to use and more effective. Now, you can simply check off the boxes of the groups that you want to see on the map. After checking these boxes off, you can refresh the map and the map will only show the pins on the map of the groups that you selected. For example, the image above would make the map reflect the pins that are in Southeast, alfred, fred and jon.

For more advanced use, click on the gear icon in between refresh and 'Add Group'. Here, you'll be given the option to turn 'Required Groups On'. By having this toggled on, you'll be able to create various map layer requirements based on Groups. For example, the image above will only show pins in the Southeast territory that belong to alfred, fred and jon. For example, a pin on the map would have to be in the Southeast region and be assigned to all three team members (alfred, fred and jon) at the same time. This is useful in scenarios when you want to create custom map filters such as "Show me the pins on the map that are in the Northeast, who buy product B and are assigned to team member C."

As always, please, feel free to reach out to with any questions you may have.

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