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One of the HUGE added benefits to using Map My Customers is that we include email automation with our Individual 5K and Team subscriptions. Email automation is the ability to send email campaigns to various types of customers at once. With our tool, you can send mass email campaigns to different groups of customers. Read on to learn how!

To get started, go to the Contacts > Email Automation section of the app.

Creating Your Email Automation Template

Creating your template for email automation is very simple. Once you are on the email automation page, simply go to the template section. Type and save the message that you want to send. This template will be customized to each one of your contact's name and company name on the app. By typing "Hey {name}", our software will know to replace {name} with your contact's actual name (same with company name). You're also able to attach files to this email.

If you want to create a follow-up email template, this would also be the section to do this from (in this case, Saturday evening is the follow-up).

Creating Your Email Automation Campaign

After finishing up with your templates, go to the Campaigns section. Here, you'll be able to create all of your email campaigns which means picking who you send the email to, when you send the email and any follow-up action.
The drop-down for IF states what activity is required in order to trigger an automatic email follow-up (the two options here are "Not Opened" or "Opened & No Reply). EMAIL AGAIN WITH TEMPLATE is where you choose the follow-up email template. IN will allow you to define when you want the follow-up email sent and the REPEAT SCHEDULE drop-down will define how many times to repeat this pattern.

Email Automation Reports

To see how your email automation campaign has performed, simply go to the Reports section available. Here, you can choose to view charts and analytics on your email automation campaign on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
Above, you'll see that there is an Activity section that shows you which contacts at the very least opened your email. If they opened it, this section will tell you when and if they replied or not. This is available on the same Reports page at the bottom.

If you want to take email automation a step further, check out our blog post on optimizing email automation to boost sales.

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