December Update: Send Push Notifications, Company Name On Pin, Additional Lead Stages & More!

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Hey Mappers!

Thanks for stopping by. We've got a great new set of features for you to check out. Please, let us know if you have questions about any of them.

Send Individual Team Member Push Notification

Web, iOS and Android Want to alert your team member when you assign him or her a pin? With our new feature, you can send a push notification to do just this. Just go to the Teams page and look for the team member who you want to message and click the the "Message" option and send your push notification.

Choose To Show Company Name On Pin

Web & Android To see the company name on the pin (instead of the contact's name), go to My Account > Settings and the top of the page will have a button where you can toggle the company name to be displayed.

Extra Lead Stages

Web, iOS and Android

You can now have up to 8 different lead stages on Map My Customers. This allows you to create an even more customized sales funnel! You can access this by going to the All Leads page on web and going to the Edit Stage Names option on the top right. You can also pick and choose which stages of the sales funnel you actually want to visualize.

Editing Territories

Web only

Editing territories has never been easier! If you drop a pin in the wrong place while creating a territory or need to edit an existing territory, all you need to do is simply drag and drop that same pin elsewhere. You can do this by going to Mapping > Territories > choose the territory > Edit Bounds.

View List Of Customers By Group

You can see your list of the customers in a group from the Groups page. To do this, just go to the Groups page and look for the arrow button on the right-hand side which will be next to the pin count (see above). When you click on this, it will pull up the list of customers in that group (see below).

Toggle Team Notifications On/Off

Web Tired of getting notifications every time you share pins with your team members? You can turn this off by going to the My account > Settings section of our web app.

Clear Individual Customer Reminders


To clear already existing reminders for a customer from the customer information page, you can tap on the pin, go to set a new reminder and look for the clear reminder option on the top right.

Choose Time Frame On Dashboard


On the Dashboard page on our web app, go to the Charts page and you can choose to view charts by varying time periods like 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months.

That's it for this month's set of updates!

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