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Hi There!

On this blog, we will intermittently post about updates to the app and site, tutorials/demos/quick surveys to help you use the product and to help us understand what you want out of it, and also general things we find interesting!

Now, let me introduce myself. My name is Matt, and I am one of the co-founders behind the Map My Customer app. In the new version of the app, we have several new features. The first is...

Add Pins to Multiple Groups

One of the most exciting features we were able to release this go around was the ability to take one pin and place it in multiple groups. This essentially gives you unlimited ways to group your customers and allows you to hide and show pins that might sort into multiple metrics. For example, if you are a medical sales rep and have a customers whom you need to visit every week, but you also want to put them in a group of customers who are top-grossing you can now place this customer into two groups (perhaps "weekly visits" and "top-grossing"). If all your pins are in groups, you can then
hide all groups and just show the "top-grossing" group to see your best customers or just show "weekly visits" to see who you have not visited this week. Cool!

Web interface to choose which groups you'd like a pin to be in:
Choose Groups

Search & Find Customers

This was one of the most requested features and we are excited to say it is finally here. Just click on the dropdown menu in the top left and hit "Add Customers" as usual. Next, tap the "find customers" option and you will be on the scree you see below. "Find Me" takes you to right where you are presently, and the search bar allows you to search for any local businesses, industries, restaurants, you name it. The closer you zoom in, the more results and finer detail you will get, and vice versa.

Find Customers

Deleting Groups

On both the app and the site, you now can delete groups. As simple as that! This will not delete the pins in that group, it will just allow you to get rid of a group you no longer want so you can add new groups.

Web interface to delete groups:
Delete Groups

That's all for this update

That's it for app and site updates this week. Next time we hope to bring you OCR for scanning your business card contacts as well as import from the contacts app on your iPhone or iPad. Feel free to email us as always at support(at)mapmycustomers.me or call at 843.318.2019 if you have any issues with the app (or just want to chat).

Check us out today at mapmycustomers.me