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The Relationship Between Sales and Customer Support

A sales team and support team are similar in that they are both overtly customer facing. So, both sales and support teams work to develop a rapport with their customers to provide them with the best level of support and products to suit their needs. Therefore, in order to continually provide a higher level of customer interaction and build meaningful relationships, outlining the similarities between sales and support can be a big help.


Speaking as a customer support agent, my main aim to complete my job successfully is to solve a customer’s issues as quickly and completely as possible. In addition to that, I aim to build relationships with my customers to show them that their time, and business is valuable to me and my company.

June 2017 Web Update: Chrome Extension, Smart Routing, HubSpot Integration

We’ve been working hard and have some great new features to share. See below for all the details.

Chrome Extension

Add prospects from LinkedIn and GoogleMaps to Map My Customers in one click.

Do you prospect on LinkedIn and Google Maps? If so, then the Chrome extension is for you.  It automatically pulls data for you and places it into a contact record.  All you need to do is click the Save Customer button. Simple as that. Click here to download.

Smart Routing

Sitting at your hotel on Sunday night, wondering if you can set your route to go on Monday at 9:00 am?

Route Planning Needs to be Effective

Want to be a successful sales warrior? Effective route planning is the key to ensuring you are as productive as possible. Field professionals spend a great deal of time planning their days and determining which accounts to visit. Thus, travel efficiency has a huge impact on sales performance.

ineffective route planning as businessman stands in front of white board with lots of content

Ineffective Route Planning Leads to Frustration

Let’s say you’re visiting between 5-10 customers in one day. Route planning generally entails randomly setting appointments with no thought given to location, drive distance or travel time.  So, when you drive by an afternoon appointment several times in the morning…it is normal to feel frustrated and like you are spinning your wheels.

Closing The Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

Take a look around at your office space right now and do a quick count of men vs. women. I know that in my current work space, around 90% of people are men. By no means is this another “men vs. women” post. According to the National Centre for Women and Information Technology, 26% of professional computing occupations in the U.S workforce are held by women and even more alarmingly, women only gain one in twenty new STEM jobs, versus men, who are one in four. Outlined in The Industry Gender Gap Report, it is made clear that “If current industry gender gap trends persist and labour market transformation towards new and emerging roles in computer, technology and engineering-related fields continues to outpace the rate at which women are currently entering those types of jobs, women are at risk of losing out on tomorrow’s best job opportunities”.

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Customer Happiness: Mother and Son Duo Work Together To Increase Flexibility and See The Big Picture


We wanted to learn more about how our customers use Map My Customers and what need it helps them serve. We were lucky enough to have a chat with Jennifer and Logan, who have been using our product to “see high customer volume areas” and have a visual representation of where their customers are. Jennifer’s company, My Hot Lunchbox, partners with schools to provide hot, nutritious lunches to children. They have clients nationwide and use Map My Customers to keep track of schools and vendors across the nation.


What were Jennifer and Logan using prior to Map My Customers?

How Can Optimized Routing Help Your Sales? Read What Our Customers Have To Say

We take feedback from our customers very seriously – both the positive and negative. Just recently, we received some fairly detailed, positive, feedback from two customers who emphasized the impact Map My Customers has made in their sales within the transportation industry. Here is an excerpt of what they said:

‘I LOVE MAP MY CUSTOMERS app as I see more customers in less time with the optimal organization of my stops. I use the color-coded pins to differentiate my customers by revenue. I cover a large territory and in my opinion, anyone who travels can benefit from your service. Very affordable, very easy to use.’ – Mandy Forlina

Our features benefit a variety of industries, with the supply industry being one in particular.