August Update: Email Automation & Business Card Scanner !

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This summer has been a very busy one for the Map My Customers team! We've been working very hard to introduce new features for you such as the lasso mass editing tool, a heat map and an automated lead generator to name a few. Well, this week we are introducing our two biggest features yet!

E-mail Automation (Web Only) Our brand new e-mail automation feature will allow you to easily schedule and measure your mass e-mail efforts. The first 100 e-mails are on us! Try it out and sign-up soon because rates are 30% off for a limited time!

View monthly, weekly and daily reports on e-mails opened, who opened it and how many emails you have sent per campaign Schedule e-mail campaigns and follow-up e-mails for groups of contacts or individuals Create and edit e-mail templates to be used for campaigns E-mail automation rates are 30% off for a limited time! Prices will be structured in as a recurring add-on to your monthly subscription

Business Card Scanner (iOS Only)

Tired of having to save all of those business cards after a big networking event? Well, you're not the only one. Many of you requested a business card scanner and we have delivered! The best part? Ours is high-quality and free! That's right! Adding a new contact to our app has never been easier. Simply follow the picture instructions, watch the fields auto populate, and toss out the card because a picture of it will be stored on the app.

You can access the scanner by clicking "Add Customer" on the iOS app. Once you do this, a pop up will appear with the instructions to take a picture of the business card.
After taking the picture and aligning the red borders to the card, the information will auto populate to the MMC app.

NOTE: the best business card scanners are up to 80%-90% accurate. So make sure to cross-reference the information that auto populates through the scanner with the actual business card.

We are very excited to have you try out these amazing new features! If you have any questions, e-mail us at

Check us out today at