5 ways customer mapping will make you more productive

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If used in the right way, customer mapping has the ability to change the way you do sales for good. How, you ask? In this blog post, we visit 5 ways you can use the Map My Customers app to be more productive and efficient every single day.

1. Spatial Reconnaissance

Understanding where your customers are is very important to doing better business and more business. Just looking at a spreadsheet of your customers and keeping tabs is no longer effective. Take that spreadsheet and upload it to Map My Customers to realize how many customers you actually have in one city or how many customers you could have in your area.

Spatial Recon

2. Pin Routing

Determine how to get between customers faster with routing features that take in 10 different locations and return the shortest route in both duration and distance between all points. Save more in fuel costs in one trip than it costs you to use the Map My Customers app for an entire month.


3. Grouping & Filtering

By grouping your pins into one group or multiple groups, you can then show and hide sets of pins based on your own criteria. It is also possible to require groups to be shown. As an example, you could decide that you only want to show customers (pins) that do a certain threshold of revenue each year and have a certain product. This is all possible through the innovative grouping tools of Map My Customers.

4. Heat Maps or Data Clustering

Imagine being able to cluster data based on how much money each of your customers is doing or how much money is being invested into companies of interest in your space. This is the focus of our next feature, which will you to visualize various business and operating metrics through a heat-map like interface.

Spatial Recon

5. Local Search & Discovery

Discover new sales leads and customers in your area by using our app to search for companies, keywords, industries, and more. Zoom in to find more businesses in a smaller area, and zoom out to show only the more important matches over a wider area. However you decide to use this feature, it is sure to become one of your favorite new tools for increasing sales leads.

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