3 Key Reasons Why Your Sales Team Needs Customer Mapping

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Most salesmen are using traditional CRMs like Salesforce or Hubspot to keep track of their customer database. However, have you ever wondered what else you could be doing to increase efficiency and optimize the management of your sales team? Using a mapping platform can help transform your company’s black and white CRM data into a more robust sales engine – helping you manage your team, boost sales, and stay ahead of the competition.

Mapping Makes Route Optimization Easier One of the most time consuming duties of the traditional field salesman is driving from customer to customer. As important as this responsibility is to the role of salesperson, it can hurt your business if your sales team unintentionally spends unnecessary time driving to customers. Customer mapping not only allows your sales team to schedule their routes ahead of time, but also saves them time and money. Route optimization apps have proven to save drivers an average of 30% in both time spent driving to customers and money spent on gas.

Territories and Groups Enhance Customer Visualization Salesmen have been using territories for decades as a way to geographically categorize customers from different regions and strategize their sales approach. A mapping platform allows you to easily visualize and create a territory by drawing it or submitting a zip code range. Customers will then be added to these territories based on their location. information.

It’s also very important for salesmen to be able to group and sort customers by categories such as product type, engagement level, etc. The beauty of mapping platforms is that you can tailor groups to your business needs. This feature can help in scenarios like strategy meetings where it is important to visualize customers by categories other than territories.

Managing your sales team has never been easier After setting up the basic features such as routes, territories and groups, mapping applications take it a step further and allow you to work with and manage your entire sales team. With one click, you’ll be able to share routes, territories and groups to different salesmensales personnel. Whenever a new customer is added to a group or territory, it will automatically sync with the account of the appropriate salesman because the data is on the cloud and syncs across all devices. salesperson.

Accountability is made easier through mapping applications because they allow you to track your team’s activity. This means that you can see who and when someone has checked in with a customer or edited the customer’s information. and when.

Get ahead of your competition and start using mapping applications to turn your sales team into rockstars today!.

These three reasons only begin to highlight the importance of mapping applications and the role it can play in improving your business. To learn more details, sign-up for our e-book and subscribe to our mailing list below.

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