2017 Game Plan – Map My Customers

In 2016, Map My Customers served nearly 15,000 users. We launched our online web presence, android application, and became a clear market leader in the mapping CRM space despite tenured and mature competition.

Moving forward, our goal is to move quickly to solidify and extend our current position in the mapping realm for outside sales. We see substantial opportunity to help sales reps and small businesses in this large, established market.

We will continue to measure ourselves by the metric most indicative of our success: happy customers. We will continue to invest heavily in product performance, innovation, and customer experience. These three items are all paramount to our continued success in 2017 and beyond. We must simplify, optimize, and automate for our user’s sake, as well as our own.

For a look at what we have in store for you this year, see our infographic below.

Matthew Sniff – Founder & CEO